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The Forester Herald: Forester Pets
By The Waldron News
First thing this week I would like to mention what a super job Candy Bliss does in her search of photos to try and make my stories look better. Then I'd like to add that this #84 newsletter subject was also her idea, so this week the credit, or blame, which ever fits best is all hers.
Forester kids and grownups alike had pets, some the usual kind, but some quite different to say the least. Of course many families had a pet dog and several boys had small dogs that followed them everywhere and most of these were about as well known as their young masters. For instance I would guess that almost everyone knew Joe Lundry's little dog that he called "Old Troubles". The Lundrys first lived in Angel Town and Joe and Old Troubles roamed together and played with all the kids. That did not change much when they moved to green town. Almost every day we would see the two of them coming down the hill to visit and play with their Angel Town friends. At one of our last reunions I asked Joe about the little dog and he said Old Troubles lived to be very old and remained just as loyal all his life as he was at Forester.
Little Bill's dog "Old Buster" was another Angel Town pet who was always right at Bill's heels everywhere he went.
The Welches had a small dog named "Old Nickle". I don't know why all animals seemed to be "old" so and so. I also don't know why we left our screen door open one day and why Old Nickle started slipping inside. Daddy had bought a big old blue chalk bulldog that mama used for a door stop and when Old Nickle saw the big blue dog he jumped high into the air and yelped one time and left for home as fast as he could run.
I don't think the Chambers' Jenny was bought for a pet but when Lem was not using her to pull the wood slide or plow the garden she would stand and let the kids gather around and pet her but as soon as one of the boys jumped on her back she would buck and send him flying through the air.
There must have been pet goats and pigs because photos show kids riding a goat and someone petting a pig in the middle of the road.
Aunt Sulie and Uncle Dan had two pet ducks that they just loved to watch and toss bits of bread to them so they would "talk to them," but after a while they decided they were a lot of trouble and sort of messy so they thought they might as well eat them. Uncle Dan wrung their necks and Aunt Sulie roasted them up nice and brown but when they sat down to supper
neither one could stand to take a bite of duck. They gave them to the neighbors who had not been "talked to" by the pets.
My mom always just loved her milk cows and even named one of them "Old Pet."
The Wilson family had two pets that were not quite the usual type. One was a "goofy" chicken that roamed around on moonlit nights and roosted all day, and the other was a one eyed possum that Billy Roy had raised from a baby. He didn't remember what happened to the chicken but his possum met his fate when Mr. Wilson caught him in the laying hen's nest.
There were lots of hounds all over town and since I don't recall seeing bought dog food then I don't know what they ate except table scraps and bread that was cooked especially for them. It was just commeal and water with a little baking powder or blinky milk no one would drink but I do remember when someone got a hunk of bread from the wrong pan and we really laughed because he was eating "dog bread" before he noticed the difference.