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News Last Updated: May 10th, 2017 - 14:56:24

Scott County Farm Bureau hosted Farm Tour Day with local students
By The Waldron News
“This was a very success farm tour day,” shared Regina Oliver, a Scott County Farm Bureau (SCFB) Women's Leadership Committee member. “Each year, we have the third grade classes from Waldron Elementary School spend the morning on the farm. The students learn everything from where their food comes from to how to rope cattle,” continued Oliver.

Farm Bureau State Board Member and SCFB President, Dan Wright spoke to students about horses and why they were used in the cattle business.

At the craft station, Cheryl Phipps and Linda Parish taught students about the many things involved in taking care of livestock. Students were given a small plastic bag and a check list to add items to the bag that represented: water, food, fresh air, and vet care. After the activity, each child was given a pipe cleaner to create their own distinct brand.

Scott County Farm Bureau Vice President, Mike Richardson, provided information to students about beef cattle. He spoke on everything from the care of cattle to the multiple products receive from a cow.

At the roping station, JD Clepper shared with students how cowboys used ropes and why. Each student and teacher had an opportunity to try their hand at roping.

SCFB Women's Leadership Committee Chairman, Laurie Richardson along with her side kick, Zoe Richardson, talked about the history of the Davis Angus Farm at the Archeology and Wild Animal Station. Students were shown a wide variety of things that have been found on the farm; such as old farming parts to very old buttons. Laurie and Zoe also talked about the many wild animals that can be seen on a farm.

Adam and Sue Cox provided the students with information about lambs and sheep and how they provide both wool and meat for consumers.
Farm Day was also supported by Alliance Propane and Waldron Walmart through their donation of drinks and snacks for the event.
Mike and Laurie Richardson were the host for the 2017 Farm Tour Day at the 1,100 acre Davis Angus Farm located just off of U.S. Highway 71.