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News Last Updated: Nov 15th, 2017 - 15:43:36

The Forester Herald: Everyone should have a Hometown
By Ghost Writer
Everybody Should Have A Home Town
In today's world people can travel far and wide and some choose to live in many different places during their lifetime but most have a place dear to their heart where they were born, grew up, or lived most of their life, their "Home Town." Even if they have moved several times and like a different place they still like to return to the old home place for a reunion or visit relatives and love to talk about the home town of the past.
Imagine for a minute if you can, a person who was born at Forester has no visible place of birth and no home town. Their birth certificate says Forester, Ar., pictures, census, and school records prove they lived at Forester but there is no such place on the map and for anyone wanting to see their home town it is only possible in their hearts, mind's eyes, and imagination.
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Just lately we were contacted by a lady, seeking information about her relatives and the town, who said she once had a problem getting a visa to travel when she gave the name of her birth place and there was no such place.
Most of the time we are not questioned about our town but with everything becoming computerized and paper documents becoming obsolete such a small thing as your birth place will likely get harder to find if needed. Even if this is never an issue everyone born at Forester needs to at least have a name on the map showing their birth place and home town. Many of the people who lived there have traveled back through the state and tried to find their home town but left very disappointed because there was nothing to find. Some who left as small children cannot go back and say, "this is where I was born" or" my parents grew up here."
We want our town to return to the map as a place where our children, grand children, and great grands, can visit in years to come and know where their family began. A few of us can go back and find our house places if we wish to brave the brush and briars, and we have done it many times, but most of Forester's people cannot because the streets were destroyed with the planting of trees years ago.
We went to the park and walked the trail May, 6th and the feeling of being back at home is one I would like every family to know when the work is finished and Forester is well known again. That's one of the reasons we continue to work and write abvout Forester, our "Home Town."
After I finished this letter about what we hope for our town, that gave us so much, I was reminded by Candy Bliss, park caretaker and adopted "Forester citizen", that Forester is still giving to it's people. To quote Candy,,,, "Forester brings new life to the folks at every reunion. If you doubt what I say, all you have to do is watch them as they arrive. I see them when they get out of their cars and after a long trip it's all they can do to get their legs to work. When.they get the kinks out they look toward the pavillion and see someone they have not seen in a long time and the years just fade away. They can walk faster ans the smiles get bigger the closer they get and they forget about how bad the old body hurts. Then they spend the next few hours reliving their life at Forester. Then all they can talk about is next year and who they will see." This scene is what prompts Candy to decorate and set up displays and photos of Forester for all it's people to see and enjoy.
After all these years it seems we will never be able to out give our "one of a kind" Home Town.