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News Last Updated: Nov 15th, 2017 - 15:51:06

Halloween night successful at Waldron Nursing Center
By Christine Lees
What a wonderful night of treat giving our residents of Waldron Nursing Center had. All residents got lined up in the hallway outside the rooms on the same side of the two hallways that the treat giving was happening on. This makes it much more organized for the treaters to pass by the residents who were waiting to fill the buckets of everyone. I must say it was a sight to behold as every description of goblin was seen entering through the doors. There were tall ones, short ones, young ones and very young ones and some quiet mature for the treating but our residents kept up with the flow of traffic. We almost made it to the end this year with the candy. I believe it was reported that $4500. was used to purchase the candy plus all the donations of candy we received. There was lots of fundraising going on to get this money as well as resident families, local businesses, churches and individuals who came to drop off huge bags of candy  for us to make this an enjoyable night for our residents. We have many “thanks” to give out to all who helped make this a success, Sharon Rice, Pat Morales, Cassie Blackman along with lots of us staff members for helping bag the candy in the little snack zip bags so it was ready to be passed out. I didn’t get to see all of the names on the donated list but I do know that Pat Morales brought several huge bags of candy from her church. I am hoping to obtain the complete list soon. But please know that each one is appreciated so much for helping with this event. To Police Chief David Miller for helping me with the crowd control at the main entrance door and Volunteer Pat Morales at the exit door.  With his help the treaters were easily let through the main door to make their way down the hallway when it was their turn.
Also “Thanks” to our treaters for their patients in standing in line in the quiet cool damp weather until it came their turns to get in the treat line inside the Nursing Center. Thanks also to Alex Carter, one of my activity assistants, for the wonderful job of decorating the front entrance lobby as well as other areas throughout the facility ,we had so many compliments about how great  it all looked and there were lots of photo pose-ups with the “Chucky” doll as many of the young ones wanted their parents to take their picture with their phones while waiting in line before moving on down the treat line.
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Another great event of the day was the early morning arrival of 125 Kindergarten students from the classes of teachers, Chelsea Ridenhour, Krystin Hutchens, Tymber Moreton, Lindsey Stinson, Misty Guerrero and Heather Avila to put on their fall program for the residents. Each class wore hats of different things, spiders & pumpkins, etc.  After the program each one received a packaged treat of pretzels. Many of the students had family who came to see the program as well as having having a family member who was either a resident or an employee who worked at the Nursing Center. There was lots of hugs being given out to residents and family after the program, including my own granddaughter Cheyenne who was among the group.
 Along with our residents having a good Halloween day many of the employees came to work dressed in costume to the delight of our residents. Besides these events the residents have been busy with the regular scheduled activities along with the monthly birthday party honoring Joyce Leslie, Robert Simmons,Betty Stafford, Barbara Hay and Geraldine Carter. “What is it”? was thoroughly enjoyed as everyone got a turn at feeling in different bags to see if they could tell what the item was without looking.
 In closing we are very sad to hear of the passing of “Bookie” Owens, who was a great friend of many of us. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Our deepest sympathy goes out to our resident Patricia Turner family. Out thoughts and prayers will be with them.