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News Last Updated: Mar 26th, 2018 - 12:30:39

Oh, Do You Remember These?
By The Waldron News
How many can remember the handful of leaders who guided and shepherded the Waldron School District for a large part of the twentieth century? Can you recall administrators such as L. R. "Tom" Sawyer who married a girl from an old Scott County family, Vera Mae Martin, and to our great benefit remained in Waldron for the rest of his career as Superintendent, giving the school and community 100 percent of his energy and devotion. Waldron School was not a stopping off place for him, a stepping stone to something bigger. No, he made his mark here and as a result more than forty years after his retirement he is still revered and honored by those who have been here long enough to remember his tenure.

Can you remember Mr. Baugh, Mr. Rackley, Mr. Hill who served in principal positions? Each of them, too, stayed put in the school district, retiring and living out their lives in Scott County. How fortunate we were to have administrators who were fully invested in the life of not only the school, but the betterment of the county.

These men raised their children in the Waldron Schools and each of them graduated and went out into the world prepared by a steadfast assuredness that if you treated people right you would receive like treatment in return. They were nourished by the school, the town, and set on the right path through the example of their caring parents. They include, Mary Anne Sawyer Salmon, Tommy Sawyer, Becky Rackley Gardner, the late Joann Rackley Ashford, and Wallace Hill. And not only these students, but all the students enrolled at Waldron were the lucky recipients of more than an education, but a direction forward into life. Can you remember the school board members who though receiving no compensation were willing to donate countless hours?

Three who come immediately to mind were busy with their careers and families, but still managed to serve many, many years in this voluntary and often thankless position. One, of course, is Dr. Harold Wright, who not only did his part and more to improve the school, but who also had the daunting task of being one of the few, and at times the only, physicians in Scott County, taking on single handedly the health care of the populace. Then there was W. B. "Bill" Piles, scion of a pioneer county family who in addition to being a school board member, was also the long serving President of the Bank of Waldron, as well as having many real estate and business interests.

And everyone should remember Reverend John Evans, local Baptist preacher who pastored churches in various communities of the county as well as being the father of six children. He continued to serve after his children graduated and was still working for local education by the time his older grandchildren were students. These three men's children also make up the tapestry of the Waldron school experience: Marion Wright Jones, Gail Wright Davis, Craig Wright, Bettye Lee Piles Holder, Billye Rhea Piles Dalton, Nada Evans Currier, Ann Evans Oliver, Leon, Leo, LaMoine and John Evans.

If you do not remember these, you need to find out about their contributions that have improved the lives of all who live in this school district. If you do remember these, give thanks for their contributions that live on today. Either way, make plans to attend the Waldron All School Reunion on Saturday, Juneio, 2017. Alumni breakfast 8:00 am at the First Baptist Church; doors at the High School open at 9:00 am for visiting and catching up; at 10:30 am an Assembly will be held in the auditorium; lunch will follow at the High School Commons. Come remember these and many more.