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The Forester Herald Part 3 of That Special Place with Janis†
By Ghost Writer
Barnett Shuffield daughter of Jeff and Girtie Barnett ,who lived at Forester and later at Waldron. We hope Janis is not "running down" so we will get more Forester days stories. Thanks for the memories, Janis.
I spent about 2 hours yesterday afternoon writing you about forester things I remember, then last night instead of sleeping I remembered some other things that you might be interested in.

First I couldnít believe that I forgot Mr. Bray the town's Sherriff. He was a good decent man and he tried to keep the law at the negro quarters barrel house. He was a tall thin man and reminded me of Abe Lincoln. Since the young boys in town had no way of making any money Mr. Bray got the company to pay the boys to cut the bitter weeds in the vacant lots in town. Carroll, my future husband was one who wanted to do this. They worked all day in the hot sun swinging those scythe's (I think they were called....and I may not have spelled it correctly) for 75 cents a day and were glad to do this for some spending money.

This is another story about Mr. Bray. †Since forester had no jail when someone broke the law and needed to be in jail Mr. Bray transported him to Waldron. At least this is the story about one guy he tried to take to jail he got †the man as far as Needmore and when they were going up the long hill on Hwy 71 Mr. Bray was driving so slow the black man jumped out of the car and escaped! Of course the town got a lot of laughs over this, my dad included! Mr. Bray always drove about 10 miles an hour. You could see him driving the streets so slow you wondered if he ever got out of low gear! As Iíve already said he was a good man and as far as i know he was liked by everyone.

Now another Mr. Bray story. There was a family in green town whose name was Reagen. They had two boys Earl and Dan. Dan was the younger one and he joined the navy and was in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese bombed and he was killed! Mr. Bray was saddened that one of forester boys had given his life and he wrote a very nice poem honoring Dan! I may have a copy of that poem and if I find it I will send you a copy.

Now this story is a personal story. When I was a kid, about 11 we had no theatre at that time and occasionally a group would arrive with a big tent and pitch it near the church and show movies for probably a week. Well I wanted to go every night. I have no idea what the cost was but i begged my mom to go every night. One day she told me that †I needed new shoes and I could choose new shoes or go to the show. Well of course I chose to go to the show and it was black and white, not color back then. I donít know if I got new shoes or not. That was not important to me at that time.