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Fathers are recognized at Waldron Nursing Center
Waldron Nursing Center recognized all Fathers at a Special Wednesday Morning activity of "Fathers Day Party". Being honored with certificates announcing them to be the "Worlds Greatest Dad". Receiving certificates of recognition was Basil Bruton, Richard Christian, Bill Churchill, Paul Davis, Kellow Holland, Charles Hunt, Clarence Hunt, Walker Leathers, Richard Lyons, Donald Marcus, Bob Mays, Robert Merrow, Lee Moore, Bill Newborn, Willard Perkins, Landon Richmond and five others that I do not have permission to print their names in the column.

Scott Scope
Country Dance Ė Danny Richmond Band, Friday, July 10th. The Party Place, 912 South Main St., Waldron. 7:00 pm til 10:00 pm. All Ages.

Waldron School Board accepts resignations; approves new hires
The regular monthly meeting of the Waldron School Board was held in the Central Office Building Monday, June 8, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. Board members present were Steve Ewing, Tammye Sherrill, and Nick Hunt. Board members Eddie Harrison and Brian Jones were absent. Others present were Superintendent Gary Wayman, Ashli Hutchens, Kim Solomon, Ryan Walker, Daniel Fielding, Tammy Madden, Kristi Sigman, and Joshua Brown.

NW Scott VFD weekly news update
Okay first off let say that I have had some family issues that flared up in the last few weeks so I havenít had a chance to write the article. The thing about family is that they are for life for better or worst. There comes a time in a personís life when you have to let that someone live out their choice in life whether it is bad or good and be there for them to fall back on. But on the other hand the youth today are totally different than all the generations before.

Worth to Live
We came to this world not by choice. But since we are here now, we have uncounted choices to choose from how, where, what, and why to live our lives. We all know and understand fully that life is not easy to live, but itís not that difficult either if we generally know more or less how to live our lives.

Scott Scope
Boles Community Center Breakfasts will NOT be held on Saturday, July 4. See you on Saturday, August 1st.

The Forester Herald 50 Year Tribute
The Herald congratulates Judge Bill Wilson on receiving this tribute and sure all his Forester friends agree. (We still call him Billy Roy). He and I had an agreement not long ago, via E-mail, about our growing up years at Forester and how much we appreciate those years for the basic learning, family values, and the all around feeling that, "everyone counts," that we received there. His parents and all the Forester Folks would be "mighty" proud of BRW.

Tradin' Days
ďSo long itís legal and not immoral, everything else goes,Ē stated a Waldron official in describing the First Saturday Trade Days - an event that has enthusiasts from Scott, Sebastian, Logan, and Polk County return each month to the streets of historic downtown Waldron.

Modernizing Levees
Flooding due to recent heavy rains has focused the legislatureís attention on the need to improve oversight of the patchwork of levees throughout Arkansas. Two joint legislative committees - the Senate and House Committees on Insurance and Commerce and the Senate and House Committees on Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development - are working on a plan to modernize how levees are maintained, inspected and financed.

Arkansas House Weekly Column
While the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace (AHIM) continues to explore if the state should create its own health care exchange and determine its own fees to charge the insurance companies, an important decision was handed down by the United States Supreme Court.

Local students attend M*A*S*H Camp at MRHS
Two senior high school students from Scott County attended a Medical Applications of Science for Health (M*A*S*H) camp June 15-26 at Mena Regional Health System in Mena. They were Brittany Galinato and Faith Boyd, both of Waldron.

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Fathers are recognized at Waldron Nursing Center
Scott Scope
Waldron School Board accepts resignations; approves new hires
Arkansas Tech announces graduates
Benintendi : Razorback above else