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Selecting 4-H Pullets for exhibition
You have spent the summer providing food, water, and shelter for your 4-H Pullets. It is now time to decide which of the pullets you will be entering in the County Fair. Remember that you should plan to return a pen of three pullets for every fifteen you received in the project. This pen of three will be judged and then auctioned to the highest bidder at the County Fair. Money raised from the auction of the pullets will be used to fund various 4-H activities, especially purchasing pullets for next year.
You will want to select your very best pullets for the show. Top prize is a trophy and $50. Reserve will receive $25 and a trophy as well. All pullets will receive a blue, red, or white ribbon based on the quality of the pen.

The Forester Herald: Remembering Louis and Charles
Our Forester Family lost two of its best senior members the first week of this month, Louis Matthews and Charles Williams. They were not only "Forester Boys", but both were Forester school bus drivers.  l don't recall the year Charles drove but Louis drove the very first school bus about 1943.

Louis'  family lived in Green Town, he had a sister Maryanne, and a brother Floyd.  Louis was born in Rosboro , 9-10-25 , he lived to be 91.  Louis lived in Wake Village, TX. He attended the reunion as long as he was able to travel and stayed in touch with Amie and Evelyn by phone. He was a joy to talk with about living at Forester.

Free Thinker
Some people consider themselves free thinkers because they don’t belong to any particular religion or political party. Many of us have been brought up to be a certain religion since birth and stay with it for the rest of our lives. Some might have different thoughts and beliefs as time goes by and change their beliefs and religion or become a free thinker (I am one of those). Every person has his/her right to practice or not to practice any religion. This does not mean that free thinkers discriminate against any religions.  They just have their own beliefs and philosophical way of thinking.       
I have been a free thinker since 2007.  I believe all religious teachings are good, but I personally just am not a part of any particular religion. I have my own beliefs and philosophy.  I believe in KARMA. I believe in helping others and the community. I believe that as long as I stay the course of being kind, nice, loving, and caring, and as long as I respect others, harm and hurt no one, break no law, etc., then I feel I have reached the principles of being a decent human being and a good  citizen.   

Disaster Prep Dave: inReach
Responsible disaster plans always include an arrangement to get in touch with a friend or relative outside your local area. Whenever there is a natural disaster, one of the first things to break down is our system of communications. I have participated in several debriefing sessions following disaster exercises and the one problem always discussed is that of communication. If the Incident Commanders can’t get their messages out, then the entire mission is hampered. Getting messages out of your local area is often easier to do than calling across the street. Power outages affect the commercial radio stations and cell phone systems usually get jammed up with an overload of calls. Ham radios can work when all other communication equipment is down, but that option requires licensing, training and a fair investment in specialized equipment. Fortunately technology keeps developing and searching for the perfect solution.
Enter the DeLorme inReach. Described as a satellite communicator using the Iridium satellite system it will send messages via text. The inReach SE will operate either on its own or paired with a mobile device. (Yes there’s an app available: Earthmate.) There are different versions but the SE (screen edition) includes a dedicated SOS button to send an emergency message to DeLorme’s 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center. Other features include a rechargeable 100 hour battery and an impact-resistant, waterproof case.

Graduate list released by U of A - Fort Smith
The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has released the list of students receiving degrees and certificates during the spring 2016 semester and the first summer term ending in July.
Conferred were the Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, and Associate of General Studies, as well as Certificates and Certificates of Proficiency.

Earth News: Of Education and Training
Training is preparing a student to perform a job. Our education system should be called our training system. When you put students at desks, ask them to be still and attentive, while the boss (teacher) at the front feeds that fraction of the world’s knowledge deemed important by a central authority, which the student is expected to regurgitate on command (at a test), that is preparation for a dull office job.
I contend that true education is mental stimulation that extends one’s pleasure horizon. Let us take for example the education of one’s taste buds. To a person who has not had the opportunity to be exposed to the variety of the world’s cooking traditions, a cheeseburger, fries, and coke is haute cuisine. But if one has repeatedly experienced the varied dishes of Europe, the middle east, and Asia, one learns new exquisite pleasures; new blends of herbs and spice, new sauces and condiments, new methods and presentation. One is still capable of enjoying a cheeseburger, but has added new worlds of joy.

Girl Scouts DO more. SEE more. EXPERIENCE more.
If you love making new friends, having fun, and trying new things, you’re ready for Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts provides activities to teach girls about themselves and their world. As summer draws to a close and parents and caregivers start considering extracurricular activities for the coming school year, Girl Scouts – Diamonds encourages parents and girls to explore activities that help girls lead better lives by joining Girl Scouts.
Feeling empowered to take action is often difficult for girls, but experiencing the benefits of girl-led programming like Girl Scouts can lead to significant growth in girls’ leadership skills.

Arkansas House of Representatives
Last September, legislators made visits to more than 120 school districts. That is nearly half of all school districts in Arkansas.

The first “Take Your Legislator to School Month” was a huge success.  We knew heading into the event that this would help strengthen our relationship with students and teachers, but we discovered that is only the beginning of the benefits to this program.

We are now preparing for our second year. In the 2015 Regular Session the Arkansas General Assembly passed a resolution designating September as annual “Take Your Legislator to School Month”. 
HCR1008 encourages public school districts to plan special events with their local legislators.

Seedlings to Sawmills
From school mascots to annual festivals and parades, it is evident that forestry is woven into the fabric of Arkansas. The caravan of log trucks making their way to the mill is a sight that is regularly seen by Arkansans. Some may even recall passing mills in Crossett, Leola, Mansfield, or numerous other towns across the Natural State. What many people do not realize about the trees they see going to the mill or the forests they enjoy hunting is what it takes to grow and manage healthy forests, to harvest and process timber, or the impact forestry has on our environment and our economy.
Trees are America’s number one renewable resource. Healthy forests provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation opportunities, and beautiful vistas. But healthy forests don't just happen. A wide range of professionals from research scientists and foresters to technicians, loggers, machinery operators and the remaining 28,000 Arkansans employed in forestry and its related mills and processing facilities all play a key part in healthy forests in our state. Arkansas forestry has a total economic impact of $3.2 billion annually, with wages averaging $49,000 per year. Forests provide timber for industry and industry provides a home for excess growth so the forests can be conserved while remaining resilient, productive, and healthy for future generations.

Back To School Means Back To Basic Safety
As the 2016-2017 school year begins, AAA reminds motorist to remember the '"ABC's" of auto safety in its "School's Open - Drive Carefully Campaign."
A great burden is on the motorist to take extra precaution when driving in areas with school age children.   Many children have very little experience in dealing with traffic situations and many will be going to school for the very first time.
"The opening of school is a hectic time for everyone," said Mike Right. AAA vice president. "Children arc excited to be going back to school and to their friends. Parents are trying to get to work and get their children to school on time. Often, they're distracted and may not be focused on basic traffic safety practices."

Residents have fun-filled week at Waldron Nursing Center
Waldron Nursing Center residents had a fun filled week with all of the scheduled activities. The beginning of the week started with some great Sunday afternoon singing with Gary Pottridge and then the evening movie with Alex Carter. Residents again enjoyed seeing Batman versus Superman, Monday morning reminiscence with Diane Miller, Watermelon party in the afternoon, Tuesday morning table crafts with Alex of making bracelets and snack boxes, Exercise time, Church with Leon Dotson, Bingo on Wednesday and Friday afternoon this week with our great volunteers, Joanna Strozier, Doyle Wayne & Karen Dickens, Pat Morales all helping residents either with their cards or calling the bingo numbers, scrap-booking, red hat meeting, more morning crafts of making different projects with Volunteer Pat Morales assisting,  nail painting with Billie, spelling bee and lots of adult art coloring pages. Our residents really enjoy doing the adult pages as well as several of them play the different games of dominoes, checkers or connect 4 in the evening in the day room. Janis Hull is always busy at the jig saw puzzle table. Other activities included singing with Winfield Baptist, Church services with David Hines, Ray Jett, and Freedom Baptist singers.

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Selecting 4-H Pullets for exhibition
The Forester Herald: Remembering Louis and Charles
Free Thinker
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