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Students awarded in essay contest
The Sher family recently sponsored a 2016 essay contest for 7th graders at Waldron Middle School.
Each of the three finalists received a certificate of excellency, a copy of Jim Sher’s Book “Get Happy Slow” and a cash reward. Hannah Watkins placed first and was rewarded $50, Austin Corbin, 2nd place with $30, and Riley Ingle received $20 for 3rd place.
The following was Watkin’s winning essay: Community Involvement isn't just important, it's essential. Involving yourself with local schools, hospitals, and businesses within the community is very important to make sure your community is united. If we can come together to lend a helping hand for our community, the entire community reaps the rewards.

Reverse Psychology with children
You’ve probably heard of reverse psychology and may have a good idea of what it is….A common form of reverse psychology is to forbid an action, but to do so in a different way. Reverse Psychology is a way to motivate someone to do something by telling him or her to do the exact opposite if what you want them to do.
There's been times when I've held the door open for someone who just happened to be right behind me or I gave someone something, and I liked using a sense of humor and would say, “You’re welcome!” when that someone forgot to say, “Thank you.” I wasn't trying to be mean, but I just wanted to remind them that MANNERS matter.

Arkansas House of Representatives
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) nearly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men reported experiencing sexual assault at some time in their lives.  Over a third of victims report being assaulted either on a college campus or during their college age years.
The goal of sexual violence prevention is simple—to stop it from happening in the first place. The solutions, however, are just as complex as the problem.
Understanding campus climate issues, such as students’ knowledge about reporting policies and resources for victims, and their perceptions about how their community is addressing the problem are critical pieces of information for improving campus responses.

Earth News: Part 2, The tragedy of The Commons
Economists have defined “the tragedy of the commons” using a shared pasture for their example. They have asked themselves: Why are cattle on a common so puny and stunted? Why is the common so barren and weedy compared to private pasture? They arrived at an answer by imagining themselves as each of the herdsmen sharing the common, and driven only by the motivation of maximizing his own profit. Each would reason that if he increased his herd he would derive a larger share of the benefit than his neighbors from the common. Eventually every herdsman added cattle and the common was overgrazed. So every member of the community of herders lost by considering only his own interest. We therefore need to find a way to convince people in a community that it will be more profitable to act in the long-term interest of all rather than their own If all people were angels, there would be no need to compel them to act for the good of all. But, since one non-angel in the crowd is enough to start a panic leading to the destruction of a common, some means to compel people to act in a socially responsible way must be employed. In a government-owned common, regulations must be enacted and enforced. Other commons might be preserved by self-imposed rules.

Boozman Announces AmeriCorps Funding for Arkansas
U.S. Senator John Boozman announced that Arkansas will benefit from nearly $2.5 million in AmeriCorps funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency for volunteering and service programs. These investments will support more than 200 AmeriCorps members who will work on some of the most pressing issues in Arkansas including educating children in disadvantaged areas.
“AmeriCorps is an indispensable resource for nonprofits, communities and the people they serve. I thank all AmeriCorps members for their commitment to serving communities in our country that need help the most,” Boozman said. “What is so impressive about this program is AmeriCorps members are able to bring the country together by uniting the public and private sectors behind a common goal of serving our country.” 

US Highway 71 Construction continues
Road construction continues on U.S. Highway 71 between the Polk County line and Kulp Road in Scott County.

Record number participate in local VBS program
"This year we had a daily average of 165 participants," shared Pastor Mike Shaddon of the Chant Lane Pentecostal Church in Y-City. Shaddon was referring to the number of students and workers who took part in the 16th annual all-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) event held during the first week of June.

It’s Rodeo Time in Scott County
The sun is shining and there’s a whisper of excitement in the air. This can only mean one thing; it’s rodeo time in Waldron. There’s much anticipation as the whole town prepares for this annual event. Rodeo equals Tradition is our county.
Individuals and businesses all around the community rally to put on one of the greatest shows on dirt.

RMCC announces Scott County honor students
Rich Mountain Community College has announced the President's and Vice President's List for students who were enrolled in the spring 2016 semester.
To be named to the President's List for the spring 2016 semester, students must earn a 4.0 grade point average or higher and complete a minimum of 12 college hours. For the Vice President's List, students must earn a 3.5 - 3.99 grade point average and complete a minimum of 12 college hours.

First Responders call for blood donors
Waldron’s first responders are looking for citizens to support their efforts through blood donation with Arkansas Blood Institute. Those who give at the Guns ‘N Hoses blood drive Thursday, June 22, will provide blood needed to save local lives, like those that fire and law enforcement staffs rescue.
Anyone 16 years or older* is urged to stop by First Baptist Church between 1:30 and 6:30 p.m. All donors will receive special-edition Guns ‘N Hoses T-shirts. They will also participate in a little healthy competition by designating their donations to either the fire department or law enforcement as each rallies to top the other with the most donors.

Betz brothers named on UCA Dean’s List
The University of Central Arkansas has announced the President’s List and Dean’s List for the spring 2016 semester.
Students must achieve a 4.0 grade point average with a minimum course load of 12 credit hours to receive recognition on the President’s List.

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Students awarded in essay contest
Reverse Psychology with children
Arkansas House of Representatives
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