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Christian Disagreement
A very long time ago, someone gave me very good advice, “Make your words soft so that when you have to eat them, they will not taste so bad.”  It seems to me that the Bible does not expect Christians to live in total agreement.  Rather it seems that the Bible expects that Christians will disagree with each regularly.  The sign to the rest of the world indicating that we belong to Christ is not that we agree with each other but that we love each other in spite of our disagreements.  Following Christ means that we have to be dedicated to the Truth, because Jesus is the Truth.

Scott County Law Enforcement Report
The following is a brief summary of Scott County Sheriff’s Department patrol activity between February 11th 2015 and February 17th 2015. All persons arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

NW Scott VFD weekly updates
Ole man/woman weather can not make their mind up still. Great weather one or two days and them oh my- it gets “winter” cold. A person can not get used to it and it makes you sick. And then everyone’s sick. With all the “sickness” going around, when you go places be sure you use hand sanitizers or hand wash so you do not catch those germs floating around on the shopping cart handles or anything else your hands may come into contact with. Also if you “think” you might have the bug, stay home if possible so you do not share it with everybody else.  You've got to act fast to fight off colds and flu.

Court Ruling Important First Step to Halting President’s Immigration Executive Action
I’ve heard from thousands of Arkansans who are concerned about President Obama’s executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. I share those concerns because the President’s order is unconstitutional. While Congress works to defund the President’s overreach, a recent court decision by a U.S. District Court Judge has fortunately put the brakes on that plan.
In his 123-page decision blocking the President’s immigration policy Judge Andre Hanen wrote, “These changes go beyond mere enforcement or even non-enforcement of this nation’s immigration scheme.” This ruling verifies that when the President moved from enforcement to simply ignoring the law, he clearly overstepped his authority.

State Capitol Week in Review
The governor outlined an ambitious plan to ease prison overcrowding through expansion of existing facilities, construction of regional re-entry centers and strengthening of probation and parole systems. He broke his plan into three parts: adding prison space, improving the parole and re-entry system and providing alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders. A major focus will be on reducing the recidivism rate, which is the rate at which inmates return to prison a second or third time after they are released. He noted that last year 10,000 inmates were released from Arkansas prisons, and the recidivism rate averages about 43 percent.

Bear State Financial, Inc. announces merger of three charters
LITTLE ROCK, AR – February 18, 2015 - Today, Bear State Financial, Inc., the holding company for First Federal Bank, First National Bank and Heritage Bank, has completed the merge of all three bank charters under one name, Bear State Bank. The rebranding efforts, which affect all First Federal Bank, First National Bank and Heritage Bank locations in Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, will be complete by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

Robb devotes 26 years of service
Deputy Wayne Robb has been with the Scott County Sheriff’s Department for five years; two years full time, three years in the reserve. Robb began his career in law enforcement at 18 as a Dispatcher/Jailer for his hometown and then in 1986 he became a police officer for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. During that time, Robb was also their Field Training Officer for new hires.

Scott County and City of Waldron hosts Electronics Recycling Drive
The Scott County Electronics Recycling Drive will take place on Wednesday, March 4 at the Old Frost Oil building located at 52 S. Main Street, Waldron. Drop off is free. Please bring your old, unused, or discarded electronics for recycling. Attendants will be on site to unload your items.

Robert’s Rules of Order vs. Procedural Rules
During the February City Council Meeting, Council member Lanis Harwell questioned the decision made by her council peers as well the the City Clerk/Treasurer on the decision of omitting her statement from the January meeting in which she voted against the adoption of the Proposed 2015 budget. The statements were made as an attachment to the February minutes; however, they were not allowed to be imbedded in the original minutes.

The Forester Herald
L.D. Yandell was a life long friend of everyone at Forester and so was his wife, Virginia. Virginia was the daughter of Frank and Edna Maxey. L.D.'s father was Lonnie and we called his Mother "Miss Eller." L.D. and Virginia lived first in the part of Green Town called Happy Holler and he worked in the sawmill.

The Priceless Comments!
For the past several years, my family and I have devoted our time, money, effort, and energy to help the community whenever and whatever we can for others. We are grateful and honored to have the opportunities to give back to the community. We have enjoyed every minute of it and never ask for anything in return except receiving many priceless comments from people showing their thanks and appreciation. We would like to share some of them to you.

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Christian Disagreement
Scott County Law Enforcement Report
NW Scott VFD weekly updates
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