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Great American Cleanup launches March 20 in Arkansas
Arkansans statewide are encouraged to beautify their communities by coordinating a cleanup in the Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup. The spring cleanup campaign is coordinated and promoted by the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission (KAB) and runs from March 20 through May 31.

All Arkansans are encouraged to get involved in this effort to improve the environmental quality and standard of living in communities across the state and nation. Last year’s Great American Cleanup featured 160 local events across the state involving nearly 7,000 Arkansans, who picked up more than 290,000 pounds of litter and collected over 839,000 pounds of bulky waste, from roughly 780 miles of roadway and waterway.

University of Arkansas lists Fall 2016 graduates
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The following local University of Arkansas students graduated at the end of the fall 2016 semester.

Earth News: The No-Name Winery of Beas De Granada
Every few years when life seems to lose its zest and each day seems too like the one before, my thoughts turn to Spain. I know that it is time to visit my daughter and son-in-law who have lived more than twenty five years in Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost region. Andalusia is known for its music, fine wines, mountains and beaches, diversity and freshness of seafood, and beautiful friendly people. So, last Xmas I found myself in a Boeing 777 winging my way there. I had many life-restoring experiences there, but will recount here only one of them. My daughter had heard of a restaurant in the nearby town of Beas De Granada that offered outstanding seafood items on the menu but also served locally produced wines, and so the adventure began.

The Forester Herald: Then and Now
The Forester's Main Office.4th. in series. Black and white photo dated 1941 is the original main office and the newer one, dated 2008 is located in Waldron.
Losing all or any part of Forester was very hard for all who lived there and loved it, but in the case of the office it was not so hard since it was not torn down or destroyed in any way. In fact it was improved because it was to become someone's home after it got to Waldron and retained many of it's special details.

Life Time Memory
I still keep 10 old memory pictures in my personal photo album. Those pictures were the only ones I had taken of me from the day I was born through the year before I graduated from middle school. In those days, my family couldn’t afford to buy a camera, and it was too expensive to go to the photo shop.

Even though digital and video cameras are very hi-tech and inexpensive now, I don’t take them for granted. I feel that pictures and video can be life time memories for me and my family, as well as for many generations to come. The clock is ticking, and we can’t turn back the past.

February 14, 1967: The Day the Sun Shined on the People of Arkansas
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of Arkansas was signed into law on Valentine’s Day in 1967. It was a Tuesday, just like it will be this year for the 50th anniversary of the late Governor Winthrop Rockefeller signing the bill into law. When Gov. Rockefeller left office after two terms as governor, at his last press conference he was asked by a reporter to what would he point as the legacy of his tenure as Governor of Arkansas? The governor did not hesitate before saying, “The Freedom of Information Act.”

It was a pivotal moment for the people of Arkansas, that cold Valentine’s Day now 50 years ago. That new “Sunshine Law” shed light on all facets of government in Arkansas and at all levels. From the state level right on down to the counties, the cities, the school boards and any other agency supported in whole or in part by tax dollars became subject to the law. For the first time, the people of Arkansas were guaranteed they would not miss a public meeting of their government because the law required that notice of the meetings be given. For the first time the people of Arkansas could be guaranteed a seat at the table and access to government records at the courthouse, at city hall and at the public schools. All thanks to the Freedom of Information Act of 1967.

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith releases names of degree and certificate recipients
The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has released the list of students receiving degrees and certificates during the fall 2016 semester and the second summer term ending in August.

Conferred were the Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, and Associate of General Studies, as well as Certificates and Certificates of Proficiency.

Salary schedule on agenda for Council
The Waldron City Council met for their regular monthly meeting on Tues., Feb. 14, 2007.

Scott County man receives continuance for Murder trial
During his Feb. 7, 2017 pre-trial hearing, defendant Jeffery William Newell was granted an Order of Continuance by Judge Don Ramey in the Circuit Court of Scott County, 15th Judicial District.

According to the Order, additional time was needed in preparation of the case by both the State of Arkansas and the Defendant. The Order also stated that the Defendant requested additional trial dates.

Scott County Quorum Court to meet
The Scott County Quorum Court will meet in Regular Session on Tuesday February 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Courtroom of the Scott County Courthouse.

Local college is official member of U of A system
Effective February 1, 2017, Rich Mountain Community College is an official member of the University of Arkansas System. The former Rich Mountain Community College is now renamed the University of Arkansas Community College at Rich Mountain. The College will also be known as the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain and UA Rich Mountain.

The process leading to final approval for the merger began in April 2016 with the Rich Mountain Community College Board of Trustees approval to request joining the UA System. The University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees approved the request for merger at the May 25-26th UA System board meeting. Formal approval for the merger was granted by the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board on July 29th with approval for the change of governance by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association following and effective February 1st.

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Great American Cleanup launches March 20 in Arkansas
University of Arkansas lists Fall 2016 graduates
Earth News: The No-Name Winery of Beas De Granada
Walker named outside linebacker’s coach
Sexton recipient of Brandon Burlsworth character award