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Short Term Memory
Don’t we hate when we get home from the grocery store and realize that we still need to buy a couple more items? Well, that indicates that we don’t get any younger each day and we certainly can’t deny that our short term memory will get smaller as we grow older.

Forester Herald: Mrs. McKeown’s Programs
I don’t know who said Mrs. McKeown did not present any sloppy programs, including school plays, but I think that was very true. She didn’t always direct all of them but played the music for all. The teachers helped direct and saw that all of the students taking part got over to the church house every day to practice their parts and memorize lines. Being the piano and music teacher made her a part of all programs and the main part of the recitals that she held regularly to show the progress of her students.

Some plays and all the recitals were held in the church and it was always full of people coming out to watch the kids act or play music. I didn’t attend all the recitals, not being a music student, but we could sit in on the practice time if we wanted to and I liked to listen to the other kids practice. I recall listening to one boy play his recital piece over and over. He was not too good but Mrs. Mac didn’t play favorites, everyone was expected to take part including the boy who could only play “Polly Wolly Doodle”.

A Celebration of life and family set for April 1
A celebration of life and family will be on Saturday, April 1, 2017 as the Waldron Walmart in support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
"April 1st will be a family fun day called 'Festival of Hope'. There will be grilling, raffle participation, entertainment for the kids, a dunking booth and so much more," shared Jared Clark, Walmart store manager.

The Wall That Heals to be escorted through Waldron then Mena
The Wall That Heals will be passing through Scott County en route to a four-day display in Mena. According to Veterans of Foreign Wars and Commander, Linda Johnson, the Wall That Heals will be stationed at the visitor’s parking lot of the Waldron Bulldog’s Stadium at 9 a.m. on Wed., March 22, 2017.

Back to School Bash in the works
The Waldron Area Chamber of Commerce will be partnering with the University of Arkansas at Rich Mountain in the 2017 Back to School Bash.
Tammye Sherrii, representing U of A Rich Mountain, spoke with the chamber during their monthly membership meeting this past Thurs., Mar. 16 at the CharBroiler.

Mayor issues proclamation for Spring Clean Up
As part of the Great American Clean Up Spring Event, Mayor Neil Cherry issued a Proclamation declaring March as “Keep Arkansas Beautiful” month in the City of Waldron.

The Jim Sher Family and Friends will launch the month’s events with a litter pick up on Saturday, March 25th. Volunteers will meet at 9:00 a.m. at Waldron City Hall, 370 Featherston. Safety vests, gloves, bags, and other supplies will be provided. Call Jim Sher in advance at 479-207-0508 to sign up and you will receive a free T-Shirt!

Razorbacks prepare for Seton Hall matchup
FAYETTEVILLE - The Arkansas Razorbacks left Nashville, Tenn. Sunday for Fayetteville presumably looking way more forward to Friday’s 12:30 P.M. CDT NCAA Tournament South Regional matchup on TNT (Turner Network Television) in Greenville, S.C. with Big East power Seton Hall than looking back on Sunday’s 82-65 SEC Tournament championship game loss to SEC regular season champion Kentucky.

Coach Mike Anderson’s Razorbacks, 25-9, had won 8 of their last 9, including SEC Tournament triumphs in Nashville over Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, before Sunday’s game got away from them late in the first half.

The NCAA bid, once fading when the Hogs hit a bad stretch losing at then SEC last-place Missouri followed by a lopsided home loss at Walton Arena to Vanderbilt, was rescued by the Razorbacks’ regular-season closing surge sealing their NCAA at large bid as the South Regional’s eighth-seed against the No. 9 seeded Pirates, 21-11.

Practice to Perfection!
We have often heard that “Practice makes perfect.”  Most of us believe that the more we practice, the better we will become.  This psychological way of teaching can be a useful tool to pass on to our children.  If they hear this enough, they just might believe it, but for it to benefit them it has to become a way of life. 

How many hard -working Olympians have practiced hour after hour, day and night?  Their hearts can be broken in an instant with just fractions of seconds determining a winner. That disappointment may or may not come down to a split decision in just a few minutes during a performance, such as gymnastics.  These decisions can impact them for the rest of their lives. Also we know that’s part of the game and a fact of life.  In the history of the Olympic Games it shows very few Olympians attain a "Perfect 10" in everything they attempt, but if they didn't strive for perfection by practicing, you know they probably wouldn't be an Olympian at all.

From Forester, Arkansas meet Granny Smith (not a relative)
—A few years ago, my coffee loving daughter bought me a Keurig one cup coffee maker, what a fun gift and it was a new toy for all the family to check out.  At breakfast, the next morning, we all gathered around the coffee “pot” to make our very own brew.   As we dumped the grounds from each cup, the small mound of used coffee become a mountain, —my grandson commented, “Wonder what it would taste like if we used those coffee grounds again?” 

It sounded like a good idea, so we did.  The verdict was, if you’re a wimpy coffee drinker,  the twice used coffee is okay, but our real coffee aficionados frowned and gave it a definite thumb’s down. — This incident reminded me of another coffee story. — It’s time to spin a yarn. If I said Granny Smith, the chefs among you might visualize apples…. but I want to paint you a picture of a person, a fascinating character, by the name Granny Smith.

Deliverance from the illusion
And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.

Matthew 14:26

Getting people to be real is nearly impossible. This world has patches, pills, pop psychology, support groups, therapist, herbal concoctions, salves, and ointments of every imaginable variety to help us deal with all of our distresses and thank God for the help. However, if we could simply get a glimpse of Jesus and what He has to offer, our lives could be transformed instead of bandaged.

BRAVE Act, the HIRE Vets Act, and the WINGMAN Act
WASHINGTON – Congressman Bruce Westerman (AR-04) released the following statement Monday (February 13) upon passage of the BRAVE Act, the HIRE Vets Act, and the WINGMAN Act:

“The men and women who serve our nation in uniform make incredible sacrifices in defense of freedom,” Westerman said. “We must honor their courage and commitment to our country by taking care of them. On Monday, the House of Representatives passed a series of bills that would prioritize the hiring of veterans and streamline casework. America must always take care of those who defend our freedom and that is why I was glad to cast my vote for these bills.”

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Short Term Memory
Forester Herald: Mrs. McKeown’s Programs
A Celebration of life and family set for April 1
Walker named outside linebacker’s coach
Sexton recipient of Brandon Burlsworth character award