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The Forester Herald Good or Bad?
One of my earliest memories of Forester was the smell of fresh cut pine trees when we lived near the railroad in the logging woods. Then we moved into the town and began to smell the smoke from the mill, the burning sawdust pile, and all those cinders.We didn't really like those but looking back now I think we would like to smell them once again. No one cared much for wet sawdust, but since the ice house was insulated with sawdust we didn't mind a bit if we had to wash some off the ice that was delivered to our door and was so good in our tea or kool-aid. We didn't normally think of dust or dirt smelling good ,but after a hot dry spell nothing smelled better than big old rain drops hitting the dust in the dirt streets of Forester. A few weeds grew in the outlying areas, such as Angel Town or Cannon Town, that didn't smell so good, Jimson, storm weeds, and bitter weeds that had to be pulled up or cut with the old swingingweed cutter. A tree that looked so pretty in the spring was some sort of "haw" with red berries, but the blooms smelled just like a rotten egg.

Magic 1-2-3
The wait is over. Students from elementary school are no longer wondering who their homeroom teachers are. Some might be excited about it, but most don’t care much about it because they know all the teachers are nice and wonderful. New school year is officially has begun. It’s time to aim for all As.

Arkansas Farm Bureau Says Injunction to Block EPA Water Rule is ‘Right Call”
Arkansas Farm Bureau President Randy Veach said Thursday’s preliminary injunction to block implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency rule to regulate water on private property was a breath of fresh air in a debate that has been heated and frustrating.

From your Scott County Judge
We are continuing the prep work on the Robertson Creek Road Bridge at Parks. This will consist of relocating the bridge, building two new approaches placement of box culverts and rip rap for hazard mitigation, we have the box culverts that will make the bridge on order and will be placing them in the stream bed once they arrive.

Bulldogs set to battle against the Tigers
The Bulldogs haven't seen a win since 2011, but this may be the year stats change and the Bulldogs will no longer be haunted by their past performances. "They (Bulldogs) have exceeded my expectations," said Ricky May, head football coach for the Waldron Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were hosted by Hackett/Cedarville on Monday.

Scott County 4H to host Pullet Sale
The public is invited to attend the sale of 4-H pullets at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 12th at the Scott County Fairgrounds. The sale will begin at 11:30 a.m. in the Poultry Barn. These are excellent egg layers and all proceeds are used to purchase chicks for the kids next year. Please bring cages, because pullets are released after the sale.

State Capitol Week in Review
Last year the Arkansas tourism industry grew by about 7 percent, its biggest increase in 15 years.
Almost 26 million people made a trip to an Arkansas destination last year and about two thirds of them were from out of state. They spent $6.7 billion, which is why tourism is one of the foundations of the Arkansas economy.
 Spending by tourists rose by 6.9 percent and tourism tax collections rose 7.04 percent. Arkansas collects a 2 percent sales tax on items related to tourism, such as hotel rooms and boat rentals.  Last year, revenue from the tourism tax was $13.79 million, a record. In June of 2014 the tax generated more than $1.5 million for the first time.
Revenue from the tourism tax is spent to market Arkansas as a tourist destination. Research indicates that for every dollar spent on marketing the state’s tourism industry, state and local governments collect about $10 in taxes.

From the Governor
Last Saturday morning, I sat with my granddaughter Ella Beth in a room filled with the excited faces of other young people and 70 laptop computers donated by AT&T.
I listened to fingers drumming swiftly across keyboards — effortlessly coding as if they were born for it. A smile crossed my face as I tried not to compare their harmony to my own coding rhythm — much slower, not as graceful. We are all in this together, I told myself. Coding is for everyone.
Students from across Arkansas came to the Clinton Foundation’s annual “Head of the Class Bash” last weekend to kick off the new school year and spend some time coding with their Governor.

Texan killed in cycle crash
James Riel Jr. of Clarksville, Texas was driving eastbound on Highway 88 up Rich Mountain on Thursday afternoon when he ran off the road and into an embankment.
Riel, 60, was riding his 2009 Harley Davidson motorcycle when the accident occurred. Conditions were clear and dry.

Scott County Boys and Girls Club receives $200k grant
Mayor Neil Cherry signed grant documents on Monday, August 17, 2015, accepting a $202,000 grant from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. The grant was submitted by the City on behalf of the Scott County Boys & Girls Club and will fund a new energy efficient HVAC unit for the gymnasium where area youth are offered year round programs.

First ‘Business Community Coffee’ a success
The first "Business Community Coffee" was held on Tuesday, August 25, at Dalton's Place.
Approximately thirty to forty business owners, church pastors, state officials and other representatives of state agencies, as well as community residents attended the come and go event.
Mayor Neil Cherry announced that this is an "opportunity to improve our city and state" through coming together in an informal setting. Community business leaders are encouraged to sponsor the 'Business Community Coffee' once a month. In the event, your business location cannot accommodate a gathering, Dalton's Place will open their community room for you.

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The Forester Herald Good or Bad?
Magic 1-2-3
Arkansas Farm Bureau Says Injunction to Block EPA Water Rule is ‘Right Call”
Arkansas Razorbacks Scrimmage
Little Rock Marathon Registration Opens August 17