The Arvest Foundation donated $2600 to Waldron Elementary School for a new badge ID printer. All faculty will have a photo ID which will increase school security in our district. L to R: Keith Slater, Teresa Carnahan Debra Fuller Shelley Buckles, Ryan Walker, Darla Jeffery, Toni Dozier and D…

The Arvest Foundation donated $3900 to the Waldron Volunteer Fire Department. The Department will use th money to purchase much needed gear. L to R: Debra Fuller, Sherry Johnston, Mayor David Millard, Keith Slater, Ken Overturf, Shelley Buckles, Debra Byford and Teresa Carnahan

The Arvest Foundation donated $6000 for the Forrester-Davis Memorial Park to fund exercise equipment that will be placed along the multipurpose trail. L to R: Teresa Carnahan, Shelley Buckles, Mayor David Millard, Keith Slater, Sherry Johnston, Ken Overturf, Debra Fuller

The following individuals were listed on the 15th Judicial Circuit Division 1 court docket for Pre-Trial on Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 9:30 a.m. in the Scott County Courthouse.

With the heat finally breaking and a few Arkansans even spotted in sweatshirts, the itch to spend a quiet morning in the woods is in full effect. Hunters who can’t stand the wait until modern gun season opens have a great opportunity to get out and get some meat in the freezer during Arkansa…

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The annual report cards for Arkansas public schools has been released by the state Education Department, and they show improvement over last year.

Arkansas’s timber industry contributes $6.4 billion to our economy, and today I’d like to talk about the many benefits of the forests to our state and also the effect of the ongoing trade war.

A 2017 study titled “Indicators of School Crime and Safety,” published by the United States Department of Justice and the United States Department of Education, reported that 20% of students ages 12-18 reported being bullied at school during the previous school year.

There are millions and millions of things that people can be nice to one another and they are free of charge. One good example is to greet people with a friendly smile with people we know or people we don’t know. How about work together as a team to accomplish our goal. Many simple things ca…

Standing by himself, he tugged at his clothing trying somehow to just disappear. Abandoned and alone, fear choked out faith and depression robbed him of reason. He had fled a defeated foe and was hiding from an imagined fate. He was running from the Queen. The prophet of old was hiding in a cave.