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Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson held a primetime address Thursday

evening, discussing how Arkansas is responding to COVID-19 in

conjunction with the holiday season.

During his address, Hutchinson shared that Arkansas has tested more

than 40 percent of state’s population equating to 1.3 million

different individuals.

No new restrictions were announced for the state during the

evening’s conference ; however, Hutchinson shared that the emergency

orders related to the pandemic were set to expire this week. Due to

the approaching deadline, Hutchinson extended the orders for the

remaining days of 2020.

Hutchinson encouraged Arkansans to find or accommodate a way to

celebrate this year’s season differently than years past. He has

asked that gatherings be limited and if possible, hold gatherings


During the evening of the conference, the highest number of active

cases were reported for the state of Arkansas with 19,723 persons.

At press time, the number of active cases was 20,691 and a total of

187,057 cumulative COVID-19 cases in Arkansas since March of this


Arkansas has seen 163,351 recovered cases and unfortunately 2,656

deaths among confirmed cases. Of the total number of deaths, 1,295

were from nursing homes.

Within Scott County, Waldron Nursing Center saw an uptick of positive

cases with 34 residents testing positive in the past 14 days and 20

staff members testing both positive and currently active.

The total cumulative COVID-19 cases for Scott County is 470; 405

recovered cases; 61 active cases and four deaths.

Access to the COVID-19 reports may be found at

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