Waldron District COVID-19 Policy Updates

During the January  Waldron Public School Board meeting, Superintendent Daniel Fielding shared there were “just over 100 quarantined and positive cases in the district and Covid protocols would be posted on the school’s Facebook page..”

One of the issued protocols included not being in session on Tuesday, January 18 due to the high numbers of students and staff of COVID and quarantine cases. The district utilized on of the state approved AMI days. “We are hoping that these cases will peak, and begin to decrease very soon,” shared Fielding.

In light of the recent increase of COVID cases across our state, a number of questions have come up regarding Waldron Schools” procedures for positive cases and quarantines. Since these procedures have not been posted in a while, Fielding recently shared the information with the public again on the district’s Facebook site. 

The following is the standard procedure Waldron Public Schools use for handling positive cases and quarantines for grades K-12:  

  A person is considered a PCC (Probable Close Contact) if they have been within 3ft of a positive case for a cumulative of 15 minutes in a 24-hour period. 

• A PCC must quarantine for a period of 5 days. They can return to normal activities on day 6, but a mask or face covering is required for days 6-10 of this period. This is new guidance from the Department of Health.

• A person who has tested positive must isolate for a period of 5 days. They may return to normal activities on day 6 but must also wear a mask through day 10 of this period, also new guidance.  This person must also be fever free for a period of 24 hours before return. 

• If a person is fully vaccinated (two weeks past their second shot), they do not have to quarantine if noted as a PCC unless they start showing symptoms.  

  A PCC does not have to quarantine if both parties (positive case and the PCC) were both wearing a mask properly during the duration of the exposure. 

Should more updates be needed, the information will be posted to the school’s social media as well as The Waldron News Facebook page. 

At time of press,  it was not determined if classes would resume in-person for the remainder of this week. 

Please check listed sites for additional information.

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