Cooler Waters

Long-range weather forecasts have so many variables, it's hard for the experts to nail them down perfectly, and such was the case with the expected low pressure and cold front that would lower our air and water temperatures we were hoping were coming this week. Now that's looking more like NEXT week, thanks apparently to the jet stream cutting off the front for a few extra days. Hey, we know you won't confuse us with the likes of trusty TV forecasters Tom Brannon or Barry Brandt, we're just passing along what the National Weather Service puts out. But there are cool waters to be had in some places anyway even with warm air temps (though, in terms of water pulled through the dam systems, you can scratch the Carpenter Dam tailrace at least for the time being, guide Shane Goodner tells us). In north Arkansas, you have the Spring River and a bubbling cool spring closer to the northeast corner of the state, where Juan Kinderlan from the Memphis area took in a trip with Mark Crawford of Spring River Flies and Guides and pulled in this photogenic smallmouth bass (top left). Mark told us last week that while those lines of rainfall that passed through Arkansas had muddied up the river, the Spring River tends to clear quickly and ends looking mostly like that photo above. Count us in! He says the trout have been biting consistently, while smallmouth are hitting the Clouser-style patterns now. On the Spring, also, it's hard to beat a crankbait when spin-fishing, he said. Mark adds, “With some dry weather, the fall season is looking really good. Nice-size trout stocked weekly and the wintertime holdovers that start feeding when it gets cold out are gonna make for some great adventures.”

We've been noting in this space regularly the good fishing and the comfortable temps being found on the Beaver Lake tailwater, thanks to Austin Kennedy's reports. And the Bull Shoals tailwater has basically had just minimal discharge from the dam lately, leading to an excellent trout bite, according to our reporters. Check out what they say, or look up some of your other favorite spots and how your favorite targeted species is biting by clicking on the green button below.

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