Tyra Banks defends herself from Dancing With The Stars backlash
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Tyra Banks has hit out at haters who have been less-than complimentary over her 'Dancing With The Stars' stint.

The former 'American's Next Top Model' judge took over from previous hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Adnrews following their departure in 2020, and she's been back at the helm as the programme returned for its 30th season last month.

She told OK! US: "Watch the show. Be angry and watch. Tom was a part of it from the beginning and change is hard. But change is necessary and we must continue to evolve."

The 47-year-old star insisted the change will always be necessary for the show's continued progression, and she's aiming to take it to another level.

She added: "There will be a time when I won't host anymore and people will be p*****. Tom and Erin were amazing, and we're taking it to the next level."

Tyra also opened up about an incident in the last season where she announced the wrong couple facing elimination and shot down assumptions that it was her fault.

She said: "People don't know that there are things in my ears and I say what I'm told. There are cards that are wrong and there is a whole control room with craziness going on.

"We are a team and [we] will make mistakes. But people see my face so I was blamed for it, and it wasn't me. Sometimes you have to take darts for the team, and I took them."

Tyra was also keen to heap praise on the show's ground-braking decision to pair YouTuber and influencer JoJo Siwa, 18, up with a female dancer - a first for the show.

She gushed: "This is history. I think it's going to be so life-changing for so many people. It's going to make a lot of noise, and the noise that needs to be made."

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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