The family visits in the designated area outside have really been going well. The heavy rains caused a few to have to reschedule their visit but that wasn't a problem with us all hoping we will see the bright sunshine again. Especially our Patio group that looks forward to being able to sit and visit with each other using the social distance in place. As I mentioned before they have these recommendations down pat. If you haven't called Bonnie to schedule your visit with your loved one you may do this whenever it's convenient for you. Our residents are all looking forward to a visit.

Other events that have been keeping residents busy with Alex and his "Busy Cart" have been Bingo games on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with the two different groups in place in order to accommodate the COVID-19 regulations of groups of 10 in one place. Alex has a group of 10 in the resident dining area and I have another group of 10 in the Day Room area with the Nurses and Nurse aids helping residents with their cards or calling the bingo numbers. We really appreciate Nurse Chantelle and Nurse Kinnley helping call the bingo numbers for the Day Room group and the Nurse Aids helping out as needed. As a special act of appreciation for all their help Alex and I treated them to a Pizza lunch. There is nothing like Pizza to bring smiles to faces.

The monthly birthday party was held to honor those with a September birthday, being honored were Betty Stefan, Donald Marcus,Willis Freeman, Elaine Brotherton, Richard Bartlett, Verna Flynn and Shirley Cox. The dietary department made a delicious cake and served it with ice cold punch. Since our groups are limited some enjoyed the cake just being passed along the hallways so that no one missed out. Hopefully someday we will all be back to normal socialization. Each birthday honoree will receive a fresh flower arrangement delivered from the flower shop for the ladies and a snack box for the guys on their birthdate along with a special birthday card from Temple Baptist group which also contains a surprise in it.

The "Alex" trivia pages are still a really big hit with several residents testing their "smarts" to see if they can get all of the correct answers.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of our very loved Resident, Alberta Gathright. We all loved to hear her family stories that she told and she will be greatly missed.

In closing for those of us who will be enjoying a Holiday week-end we are truly grateful and are wishing everyone a safe time off. Be sure to wear a mask when out in public to help stop the spread. Help protect all of your loved ones as well as yourself.


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