Mena Art Gallery is happy to announce they have lowered the age for

participation in this popular yearly show to 14. Artists age 14 and

up should start planning now to enter this unique, fun event.

Cash Prizes: First Place, $75; Second Place $50; Third Place,


There will also be a People’s Choice Award of $25.00 each for both

Folk Art and the Fiber Arts.

This show is open to all members and non-members ages 14 and over.

Work includes all handmade art. Entries must be original and the

artist’s own work. No kits or prints will be accepted. All

2-dimensional and 3-dimensional mediums will be accepted.

Work will be accepted for entry on Saturday, June 26, 2020 from 10 AM

to 4 PM. Anything received after 4PM on June 26th will not be eligible

for judging. Please contact the Gallery if you need to make other


Entry Fees: Rather than paying an entry fee for each piece, a

One-time Fee allows you to enter as many pieces as we have room for.

ONE TIME FEE: Members $10.00 Non-Members $15.00

All entries must be for sale. No NFS work will be accepted. Please

contact the Gallery for the official Rules with details on framing,

labels, commission fees, etc. The Rules are also available on our

website under Folk & Fiber Show.

What is FOLK ART? What is FIBER ART?

For the purposes of this show, here are some guidelines.

FOLK Art Is marked by such attributes as highly decorative design,

bright bold colors, flattened perspective, and strong forms in simple

arrangements. Unlike more sophisticated art, folk art tends to make

use of natural substances like wood, straw, clay and so on. It may

include basket weaving, doll-making, enameling, furniture-making,

wood-turning, pottery, leatherwork, metalwork, knife-making, mosaic

art, jewelry-making, toy-making, papier-mache, etc. Painting may also

be in the form of decorative embellishment on other objects, such as

textiles, glass, or wood. Our definition of folk art for this show is

broad and inclusive.

FIBER Art may include crochet, knitting, embroidery, felt-making,

lace-making, macrame, carpet-weaving, tapestry and quilts, etc.

Free-standing sculptures made of textiles are also acceptable for this


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