Former City of Waldron Mayor Neil Cherry spoke to the crowd of community members gathered at the dedication ceremony of Forester-Davis Memorial Park on Saturday, May 1, 2021. During opening remarks, Cherry was quick to give recognition to all parties involved in the success and implementation of the park. “Sherry Johnston was a big, big instrument in getting all of this started by doing all of the grants,” shared Cherry. He continued, “Mr. Tull was also a contributor in the success of the new park. David did all of the legwork by working with the families in getting the paperwork done.” Cherry also acknowledged the work of Brandon Nelson and his crew members for their efforts on the park development.

After the unveiling of the two dedication plaques, Mayor David Millard invited each of the council members to speak. “Everyone that is standing here has memories that were made here when we were kids,” said David Tull. “Sherry did a lot of work when we first started and I had told her before I pass on, I want to see a park out here - and she helped me do it. I want the kids to now make memories here. There are not enough names on this plaque that helped do this ... construction guys, companies and businesses, Tyson, WeighTech, we have all done it, we have all been in it at some point or fashion. I am honored to finally get the plaque up.”

“I am so proud of this park and it is really used and there are kids here all the time,” shared June Hass. “The laughter of a child is the best thing you can have. What we have here is something that will be here forever.”

Gary Nelson reflected on his memories as a Waldron Public School student and shared, “It has been wonderful to see the former school grounds turn into something really nice.”

Eddie Hutchens stated he was honored to help be a servant and to be a “Waldronite” and be a part of the community. “I thank the good Lord that he has allowed us to get this all done,” said Hutchens. Trey Plummer stated that “the park is something the town can be proud of and has developed into a nice place allowing kids to chase one another.”

“It takes a good mayor - mayors and a city council to be a driving force to help really get it done,” said Johnston. “Once we started construction, the city employees were simply amazing and are often under appreciated for their skills. Brandon Nelson served as general contractor and provided a great service and his talents never ceased to amaze me. Johnston also gave recognition to the contractors, local businesses and the Waldron School District. It took a village and this was a great example of what could be done when a community comes together.”

“I’m so very proud of our park,” expressed Millard. “We have a beautiful park here in Waldron. I have heard it said that a city park

is the heart of your town. I believe that. I believe that with all my heart. I do appreciate everybody that has been involved in our community as a whole. Waldron is just the best place on earth to live. I love our town. I have a lot of heritage from here. I did not start out my life here, but I will finish it here because I love Waldron and love the way people just stand up when somebody is in need.”

Forester-Davis Memorial Park is located in front of the Scott County Boys and Girls Club on W. 6th Street in Waldron.

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