Shirley C. doing a fine job on her jig saw puzzle.

Although Residents of Waldron Nursing & Rehab are still doing in room

and individual interest due to the COVID-19 restrictions of when we

have positive results returned from the COVID testing of all residents

and staff. At this time we do not have any residents that tested

positive and staff members that did are not in the facility at this

time. Hopefully from the last testing that was done there will be zero


Alex is still helping keep everyone busy with their individual

interest from choosing something from the “Busy Cart” that he

takes along the hallways each day. From the doorway of each room the

resident chooses what item they would like to have, whether it is a

magazine, newspaper, Trivia question sheet, adult art page or word

search/cross word puzzle. We also have another puzzler in the facility

and she spends lots of hours working jig saw puzzles using the puzzle

table that gave Janis Hull so much pleasure over the years.

“Thanks” to whoever brought the bigger piece puzzles for Shirley

to work. She can create a beautiful finished puzzle in just a matter

of days. If anyone has some of the bigger piece puzzles they would

like to donate we will be happy to have them.

Alex has also been doing lots of one on one activities of painting

fingernails in many bright colors along with helping several with

their Trivia questions. He passed out ice cream one day which is

always a winner with everyone.

Hopefully one of these days we can get back to normal events. If

everyone would do their part in getting the Vaccine shot.

In closing please keep washing the hands, wear a mask and use the hand

sanitizer. Even though we are still not scheduling family visits you

may do through the glass visits using cell phones. Just let us know so

we can have the resident ready for the visit. For residents who have

their own cell phones they can talk to one another anytime.

Photo: Shirley C. doing a fine job on her jig saw puzzle.

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