It is estimated that less than 15 percent of children who qualify for free or reduced-priced school lunches in Arkansas are getting the same high-quality meals in the summer. Children shouldn’t go hungry just because school is out.

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The rate of maternal mortality in Arkansas is above the national average, so earlier this year the legislature created a review committee to develop new strategies for preventing women from dying during childbirth.

 I’d like to talk about the National Computer Science Summit for State Leaders that we are hosting in Little Rock in a couple of weeks. This is the first summit of its type in the nation. We have invited leaders in the field to discuss a range of topics, including academic standards, teacher…

I wish to share with you all and for you to share with others as well.  I hope these Wisdom Quotes can bring everybody much happiness.

True or False questions are no different from flipping a coin to see which is heads and which is tails. But the quotes below are more philosophical questions for you to believe them or not. 

This week, I released the details of the Arkansas State Broadband Plan. This is the plan that will expand high-speed broadband internet to the rural areas of Arkansas.

In Arkansas, 41% of the population live in rural counties. In contrast, only 14% of the United States population as a whole live in nonmetropolitan counties. Our state is a very rural one, so when we work to expand our economy we must always recognize the challenges that our rural communities face.

Job training and workforce education are offered by numerous government entities in Arkansas. That’s part of the problem.

As most people know, computer science education has been one of my top priorities since I ran for governor in 2014.

The Division of Youth Services (DYS) has already begun to make sweeping changes in how the state treats juvenile offenders.

When we pass legislation to grow our economy, it does not stop at tax incentives and workforce training.

Now that I’ve been in office for more than four years, you may have noticed that one of my favorite topics is “economic development.” As we close out April of this year, I’d like to note that this has been a banner month for job creation in Arkansas.

Many of the bills passed in the recent session could have a direct impact on your daily commute.  The Public Transportation Committee heard testimony on proposals from how fast you can drive to requirements to get your license.

The legislature officially ended the 2019 regular session when it adjourned sine die on April 24.

 All Love relationships are different and unique. Some love relationships might work out accordingly, some break up with disappointment, some have an happy ending, some can end up in tragedy, etc.

Many of my beloved Lao people came to the United States as refugees from 1975 due to the political reason of the communist government taking control of the country. Many of them came here empty handed and had to start a new life in a totally strange culture to them. Language wise, many of th…

During the recent regular session, the legislature referred three proposed constitutional amendments to Arkansas voters.

Now that I have signed the last bill of the 92nd General Assembly, the really hard work begins for my administration.

When we pass legislation to grow our economy, it does not stop at tax incentives and workforce training.

According to the researchers, a sense of humor can actually prolong our life with every minute we laugh.  When we laugh, we not only feel happiness, but we also feel problem free. People with a good sense of humor have a better sense of life.

The state budget is guided by the Revenue Stabilization Act (RSA) which is typically one of the last items passed every session. 

The Senate recently adopted changes to make the body more efficient and improve its ability to fulfill one of its constitutional obligations: providing our advice and consent to the administration in order to fill the executive branch positions that require Senate confirmation.

The Correction Department will keep secret any records about lethal injection and carrying out the death penalty, under a bill that exempts those records from the state Freedom of Information Act.

Spring cleaning takes on an entirely new meaning when getting rid of expired or unsafe medicines. Even though people may be quick to toss out expired foods or even clean closets of ill-fitting clothing, few individuals exercise such diligence with their medicine cabinets.

During the start of spring, many people begin to look forward to spending time outdoors.  For those with green thumbs, tending to the garden and other aspects of their landscapes soon become a reality as the last morning frosts have come to an end.

I still can recall about eight plus years ago, my family and I first participated in the Keep Arkansas Beautiful clean-up event. We were very proud of ourselves by participating in this event to keep our community, our city, and our environment beautiful and clean. After that, we formed our …

Someone once told my wife that she should take a risk of smoking cigarettes to help her lose weight. This was their substitute rather than exercise or go on a diet plan. I feel it’s unfortunate to hear that someone gave this advice. My wife knew ex- actly what she was doing and understood th…

The House is now in the final weeks of the 2019 Regular Session. In recent days, the House has passed legislation in- creasing education fund- ing, legislation increasing sales tax exemptions on used cars, and legislation creating a first of its kind re-sponse teamto child ab-ductions.With a…

The Senate has already approved several large tax cuts this session, and an- other one is on its agenda. Senate Bill 576 will make far-reaching changes in the state corporate income tax code, to the extent that the Department of Finance and Administration will have to update its comput- ers …

-fourth in the nation when it comes to maternal mortality rates.  Maternal mortality is defined as the death of a woman who is pregnant or dies within 42 days after the end of the pregnancy.

The legislature has approved and the governor has signed a package of bills sponsored by female lawmakers. The coalition of legislators dubbed their package “Dream BIG for Arkansas.”

Recently a very disturbing and revealing discussion has been taking place in our country, raising serious questions about how much value and worth we ascribe to babies in the womb and especially those born despite an attempted abortion procedure.

In Arkansas, there are two ways to put a constitutional amendment on an election ballot.

I want to discuss the details of the $300 million highway funding plan that I presented this week that is necessary to repair and maintain Arkansas’s existing highways and bridges and to expand our roadways as the state grows.

The governor, legislators and private business groups joined to propose a highway program that would add $300 million a year in revenue for the state Transportation Department.

Someone let the Flu Bug in so we have been in mask mode only for the past week. Visitors have been asked to not come and families to keep contact with loved ones by phone if at all possible. Hopefully this will prevent the flu from becoming wide spread. We appreciate everyone’s corporation. …

“Kids are so innocent.” One day my five-year-old daughter got upset at me for not letting her using the iPad. She said to me, “What’s the point of having an iPad and not letting me use it?” Technically, she was right. Then I explained it to her that you may use it when it’s your break and no…

House members are now preparing for the fourth week of the 2019 Regular Session.  We are expecting to review and possibly vote on big issues such as tax cuts and teacher salaries.

 I announced the details of my 5.9 Tax Cut at a news conference this week, and a few hours later, Senator Jonathan Dismang filed Senate Bill 211, the first step in making the tax cut law. Representative Joe Jett is the lead sponsor on the House side.

The governor and legislators presented the details of the signature issue of this year’s session, a reduction in personal income taxes.

Waldron Nursing Center Residents are all geared up and waiting for Valentine’s Day to arrive. The holders are up and ready to be filled so we are hoping that everyone will help fill them to the brim.  Residents themselves will be exchanging cards also so we are asking family members to bring…

We should feel extremely blessed and thankful to live in a mostly free world, such as the United States of America. We have the freedom of speech, expression, assembly, petition of government, religion, bear arms, etc. One of the questions in the civic test of the U.S citizenship study guide…

The 92nd General Assembly got off to a quick start. Among the measures voted on during the opening days of the 2019 legislative were bills of interest to Arkansas city officials.

The House has now wrapped up the second week of the Regular Session. More than 250 bills have been filed in the House so far.  And more than 150 have been filed in the Senate.

Not long ago, while volunteering as a traffic guide at the Waldron Elementary, a parent kindly said to me, “Mr. Sher, I can assure you that the kiddos will remember you for the rest of their lives.” I was puzzled and asked her in return, “What do you mean?” She replied, “Since you have done …

Waldron Nursing Center Residents and staff join in with helping celebrate National Activity Professional Week- Jan. 20-26. I personally appreciate Alex Carter, my activity assistant, for all that he does for our residents as well helping make sure we have a quality activity program to offer …