Do you believe in having a soulmate?  No matter what your skin color, your race, your religion or what shape or size your body is, or how many times you have fallen in love-you  end up either being disappointed or possibly even divorced until your true soulmate comes into your life.

I wasn’t a true believer of a soulmate until I had gone through it with my own life experiences. I could have gotten married at an early age while I was in high school because there were several girls who had a crush on me and asked me if I wanted to marry them. I thought that was funny, but I believe I said thanks, but no thanks because I wasn’t mature enough to settle down at the time.

On the other hand, I had some deep crushes on many girls, especially this one particular girl who was also my english classmate. I guess it was just a phase that most typical teenagers go through in life. Well, no true love had ever occurred until long after I graduated from high school. 

The next chapter of finding my true love had began during my college years. Even though I was more mature and I had a better understanding of girls, once again, no true love came into the picture despite going through hundreds of social events to search for my soulmate.  

After I had met a countless number of wonderful and beautiful women during my working years, nothing really clicked. I thought I was going to stay single for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until I went back to my home country which was thousands of miles away that I was introduced to this girl (which is my present wife) by a good friend of mine who had known her family for years. I immediately told him, “no way.” He asked, “Why?” My answer was simple and short, “Too pretty and I don’t think I can handle it.”      

I met her only four times and we had gone out together twice, along with her younger sister. At the time, I was working overseas and could only contact her by phone once a week. We didn’t talk much except by saying, “Hello and how are you doing, and simple small talk.” In less than six months, I flew back to Laos for the night of our wedding. The whole process was taken care of by her family and relatives. The funny thing was that she still opened her store on the eve of our wedding! Everything happened so fast that I hoped everything would work out for us and for the future. 

Well, eighteen years have gone by. We have had a wonderful and happy life together despite our ups and downs from time to time, which is normal for a married couple. We have two amazing daughters and we couldn’t ask for more. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but we do know that at least we have found each other and together we are soulmates! The most important thing is our present and that we love and care for one another deeply.

Life is too short:  Don’t rush and force your love life. Don’t give up. Wait for the right moment and your Soulmate will come along. If not, just enjoy life and do more wonderful things for yourself and others.

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