People might think that humans cheat because they are just “human,” but I disagree. Cheaters come from religious and wealthy backgrounds. I believe people cheat because they either are not thinking straight or in desperate need. I am speaking of those who cheat for finances not those in relationships. This article is not meant to offend anyone.

We have to admit we all cheat in different ways from time to time. The people that say they never cheat in life are dishonest with themselves. Believe it or not, they are perhaps the biggest cheater in the world. Sorry, no offense.

I used to cheat many times in the past, but not anymore since I began to realize that cheating is a sin, and I will pay a big price whenever I cheated. 

Nowadays, if I pick up money on the street, I will donate that money to the charity for a good cause. I have done so many egg roll fundraisers for charity in the past 12 years. I will never cheat a penny out of the money we split. I believe that’s why people trust me and let me count the money.

I have seen people who are very honest by coming back to the grocery store to tell the cashier that some items were not rung up. I smiled and admired that person deeply.

Nowadays, the most well known cheaters in the world are those hackers. They hack people’s Facebook accounts so they can lie that they have good news, and then ask people to send them money first. Some hackers call people pretending that they are calling from the Social Security office or IRS. 

I feel so bad and sorry for the people who fell for it. One thing I know for sure is that they will pay for their sins later on.

Life is too short: I hope people who are living in this world read my article so they can remind themselves that cheating is not worth it. 

Reverse psychology is that what if other people cheat on them, how would they feel?

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