How important is it to have a good first impression on people when we first meet? My score will be about 50% to finish line. Let’s say you go for a job interview, you must groom yourself to build some confidence to give a good first impression. Otherwise, your resume will probably be meaningless and with that being said, the Interviewer’s mind will be made up from the beginning thinking, “Don’t call us, we will call you” which means you are out of luck. 

     A good first impression is very critical and essential despite who you really are at first. But if your opponent finds out who you are is not who you really are, then that good first impression might be your last impression.  A good first impression is also a two way street. Take for example when two people have a first blind date, one has a good first impression on the other, but not vice versa. Then most likely this first date will not go as smoothly as it would like to be and also most likely the second date will not take place either. 

     Everyone has his own way to make a good first impression and in general speaking, it all has the similar preparation.  A good first impression when meeting another person is your hygiene, how you dress and your personality. This makes up your character and one should never try to be anyone but themselves. When you have a good first impression, it should be good enough where that person knows they can trust you.     

     A good or bad first impression is just a starter, but you should never judge people totally until you get to know them more. Nevertheless, human nature causes us to make decisions based on appearances every day. 

Life is too short!  A good first impression can start up your car and the rest depends on you to run it. Smiling is always on top of the list. You don’t want to look unhappy or depressed when you meet someone. That may turn people off.

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