According to the researchers, a sense of humor can actually prolong our life with every minute we laugh.  When we laugh, we not only feel happiness, but we also feel problem free. People with a good sense of humor have a better sense of life.

I want to share two of my personal jokes.  One day, I went to pick my wife up from her first day on the job.  One of her coworkers saw me sitting in the car from a distance and asked my wife the next day, “Was that your dad picking you up yesterday?”  “Yes” replied my wife with a laugh.  I highlighted my grey hair after my wife told me about her coworker’s comment.  So I went to pick up my wife up on her second day on the job.  The same lady saw me again from a distance and asked my wife the next day, “Was that your son picking you up yesterday?” My wife answered her once again, “Yes.” The lady was certainly confused.

Around the same time, my wife and I used to have a small fast-food restaurant.  I was so busy with the restaurant business; I didn’t bother highlighting my grey hair.  One day, a customer came in.  I took his order, and then went inside the kitchen.  My wife came out of the kitchen and asked the same customer, “How may I help you?” She didn’t know that I had already taken his order.  The customer said, “Oh! Your Grandpa has already taken my order.” This incident certainly cracked my wife up and the laughter made her day. 

Life is too short!  I hope my jokes will fill you with laughter and prolong your life.  Laugh more and be happy.  The rest is all secondary. 

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