Whenever I hear the song, “What a wonderful world!” on the radio by Louis Armstrong, my heart just bursts. The song’s lyrics has a very powerful meaning. No one can deny that the song is a classic and is sung by a legendary singer. However, when I think about what is happening around the world now, I feel sick to my stomach.

This song pops up in my mind when I write this article because it shows us the kind of world that we are living in now;  a world where things are getting more worse in many ways (in my personal opinion). There are many wars taking place in many countries around the world just because of people’s egotistical ideas and their need to hold on to power. They are careless about the lives of innocent people. I cannot imagine how many millions of people around the world are homeless and hungry due to these tragedies and wars. The UN, Red Cross, and etc. can only do so much, but are still unable to solve these crisis.

I know that the word “Harmony” can help, but this concept can never get through everyone’s mind.  I wish most, if not all, of the people on this earth to use their common sense to help one another. I personally and strongly believe those selfish and ego minded people will end up paying for the sins that they have committed.

I still can recall the phrase that Rodney King once said, “Can we all get along?” That was a very powerful message, but unfortunately will not have as much of an impact on the world and society that we live in.

Life is too short: Seriously, if I had magic, I truly would make everyone in the wholewide world live a peaceful life. I know that day will never come, but at least, it’s a thought.

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