All Love relationships are different and unique. Some love relationships might work out accordingly, some break up with disappointment, some have an happy ending, some can end up in tragedy, etc.

Typical teenagers curiously have gone through life with a boyfriend or girlfriend while they were in either middle school or high school. Why I use the term CURIOUSLY because to my personal opinion, it’s premature to have a serious love relationship, but it’s a good learning experience. As parents, we kind of worry who our child is going with despite of what kind of advice we directly or indirectly give our child. Some parents might be happy and pleased to see their child’s partner and relationship going, but who knows, what will happen if the relationship will not click for some reasons. 

I once had a classmate while I was in college, she had a serious boyfriend since they were kids. After junior high, somehow they went on their separate ways to continue their education, but they still kept in touch by writing love letters to each other almost daily. One day, her boyfriend came to visit her in the U.S. A strange feeling had happened between them. She told me that their feelings toward one another wasn’t like how it used to be. Their relationship no longer clicked which put it in a simple way. They felt a little disappointed but still remain as good friends. So ended up they moved on with their own life and find their new love relationship.

I wasn’t a true believer of a soulmate until I had gone through it with my own love life experiences. I could have gotten married at an early age while I was in high school because there were several girls who had a crush on me and asked me if I wanted to marry them. I thought that was funny, but I believe I said thanks, but no thanks because I wasn’t mature enough to settle down at the time.

Life is too short: I am not a love expert, but I have gone through life experience with love relationships; not a whole lot but enough to give my daughters some advice to take their time to have relationship. When the right time come, the right man will come around.

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