“Kids are so innocent.” One day my five-year-old daughter got upset at me for not letting her using the iPad. She said to me, “What’s the point of having an iPad and not letting me use it?” Technically, she was right. Then I explained it to her that you may use it when it’s your break and not during your homework time. We both were finally settled her innocence and understanding.

What’s the point of telling their patients to quit or not to smoke when the doctors themselves are smokers?

What’s the point of being in Law Enforcement and crossing the legal line themselves?

What’s the point of having so many children since the people know mentally, physically, and financially they are unable to raise them?

What’s the point of driving over the speed limit when the people know that they are way ahead of the schedule?

What’s the point of trying to cut down the water bill when they keep the water running while brushing their teeth?

What’s the point of expecting others to respect us when we can’t even respect ourselves?

What’s the point of bossing our co-worker around when we are not in authority?

What’s the point of complaining about something when we can actually do something about it?

What’s the point of having so much money but living in a poor life?

What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? 

Life is too short!  We should use more common sense of avoiding, “What’s the point…?” What’s the point sometimes can lead to misunderstanding if we don’t clear the situation before hand.

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