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Well, it looks like spring has finally sprung! Everything is blooming out and the weather is warming up. Aside from the pollen, this is probably my favorite time of year. It really starts getting busy this time of year in school though, so this report is packed with a lot of dates, information, and as always a number of things to celebrate. In fact, that is what we are going to lead with. 

On the academic side we have not one but two Waldron High School Students who have earned the Governors Distinguished Scholarship. Huge congratulations go out to Nick Brown and Ethan Fielding for earning this great honor. In order to qualify for this scholarship a student needed a 32 or higher ACT score, and at least a 3.5 grade point average. Each of these young men will receive up to $10,000 each year for four years for tuition, fees, and room and board at their chosen college. We a very proud of Nick and Ethan! 

Payton Brown was honored as an All-State basketball player, and was chosen for the All-State Tournament team. Payton also earned the Democrat Gazette Division II Player of the Year Honor, as well as being named to the 42 Sports Super Team. Outstanding year Payton! 

Drew Dozier was one of nine Arkansas seniors to receive a 2019 Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship. Drew received the Jerry Jones Sr. Scholarship which was given to him at the 2019 Sports Hall of Fame Banquet in Little Rock on March 29th. Way to go Drew! 

On the athletics team side, we are very proud of the season our senior boys’ basketball team had. The boys reached the state basketball tournament for the first time in many years, and finished the season with the highest win total in the history of the program. Great Job!

Another great accomplishment comes from Madison Patrick. Madison was crowned USA National Miss Teen Arkansas on March 30th. Madison will now travel to Orlando, Florida on July 1st to compete at the USA National Miss Pageant. We are very proud of Madison!   

Our High School band program has really been showing out lately! The Waldron Senior High Band received and excellent rating for stage performance, and a superior rating for sight reading at a recent contest event. Way to go Band!

April means standardized testing season for public schools across the state. Throughout most of mid-April there will be some form of mandatory state standardized testing taking place in the district. The teachers and staff of Waldron Schools work diligently to prepare students and motivate them to do their very best on these tests.  Parents can help with this process tremendously with a few simple things.

Be sure your child is present and on time for all testing days. Students having to make-up sections or whole days of a test has a negative effect almost every time. 

Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest. 

Make sure your child eats breakfast either at home or at school.

Encourage your child to give their best effort every day of the test. These tests will be conducted over the course of 2-3 days, and when analyzing data, we often find that students scored better on day 1and day 2, and began to tail off by the 3rd day. It’s a grind, but full effort pays off the best. 

If you follow the monthly superintendent reports, you have probably noticed that there is always a small section that is reserved for some for type of informative communication about our school, or some type of explanation regarding a program or system we use. This month I would like to provide a brief insight into how the Arkansas Department of Education assesses the quality of education for all Arkansas Schools. The Arkansas Department of Education or (ADE) uses a score system we call and ESSA Score (Every Student Succeeds Act). This system looks at a wide variety of functions within a school to determine an overall score for each school and district in Arkansas. Results from ACT and ACT Aspire, along with graduation rate, student attendance, grade point average, and achievement in reading and science are some of the main components of what makes up the overall score earned by each school. Schools also get credit for making improvements in the previously mentioned areas from one year to the next. Support from the parents and the community can greatly enhance all these areas, but specifically, parents make all the difference in areas such as attendance, grade point average, and reading. Students with high attendance perform better in all facets of education because they don’t run the risk of falling behind, and they are physically present for the instruction. Parents who monitor their child’s grades on tests, progress reports and report cards are better able to stay informed on their child’s educational progress, and can help identify areas of concern before they become all out problems or failures. Parents who read to their child at an early age, even for just a few minutes a day, make a tremendous difference in the chances for academic success for their child. The formula for success at school often begins at home. 

“Parents who lead and children who read make students who succeed” 

Upcoming Events: 

ABC/First Step Walk in Nature Parent Night Thursday April 11th, 5:30 - 6:30

ACT Aspire Testing 3/4 Grade April 15 - April 18

Kindergarten Registration Thursday April 25th, 4:30 - 6:30 @ elementary great room

1st - 4th Grade AR Reading Night Thursday April 25th 4:30 - 6:30 WES

Middle School parent involvement movie night April 18th 6:00 – 8:00.

Middle School Act Aspire testing April 22-26.

High School ACT Aspire testing grade 9 April 15,16. 

High School ACT Aspire testing grade 10 April 17,18. 

No school on Friday April 19th   

Friday April 26th, High School CAP conferences in the commons.

FFA Banquet in the High School Commons May 2 at 6:00. 

Senior only semester tests May 7-9th 

Graduation May 17th 8:00 at football field (weather permitting) 

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