Nancy Baker

It is hard to believe that another month has passed and the beginning of fall will soon be here although at the present we are having some hot temperatures for the beginning of August. School will soon be starting and hopefully the COVID-19 Virus will stay at bay for all of the little ones. Hopefully the young ones will get to do their learning in the class room this year. It won’t be long until the holiday season will start and we are all hoping that we will be able to get to do some celebrating this year. Seems like it is forever since we were able to enjoy the groups that came to the nursing home each month. We all miss seeing their friendly faces and getting to visit with them. Several of the residents listen to the churches and singing groups on the television but it just isn’t the same as hearing the preachers and Blue Grass boys in person.

Events that Alex is keeping everyone busy with is Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, pretty nails, daily busy cart with magazines, newspapers, paper back books, cross word and word search puzzles, adult art work pages. Resident Council where residents get together and talk about the upcoming activities or any concerns that they might have, planning a special meal next month and the king of cake they want for the monthly birthday party.

Several residents have been busy playing dominoes in the day room, enjoying the cool temperatures inside along with all of their individual interest.

Our birthday ladies all received beautiful fresh flower arrangements this month on their special day, Betty Rice, Nancy Barker, Myrtle Jellesed and Joyce Haga.

In closing we all continue to ask that everyone help fight the COVID-19 Virus by washing hands, wearing mask and using hand sanitizer. We are still scheduling appointments for family members to visit their loved one in the designated area. If you have had the Vaccine it is a bit more easy during the visit be sure to bring your card. Just call the Nursing home to schedule your day and time to visit.

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