Waldron Nursing Center Residents have continued to be very busy with all of the scheduled group events of Sunday afternoon singing service with Winfield Baptist Group, Monday morning reminiscence with Diane Miller, bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with Volunteer Doyle Wayne Dickens helping out with calling the numbers, dominoes, Monday evening singing with Temple Baptist group, nail painting and Trivia with Alex, Banana Split party, ice cream always cheers everyone up, Thanks to volunteer Virginia Simpson for helping out with this activity, morning crafts with volunteer Pat Morales helping with the projects, puzzle time and lots of art work going on, almost at any given time different residents are at the craft table turning out some great art work to be hung on the art wall leading into the resident dining room. We were sorry to hear the Dalton Gang members were not feeling up to par and were unable to come over for the bean bag baseball game. Hopefully it can be rescheduled for next month as our residents really enjoy playing with them and socializing while everyone eats lunch.  Our special Wednesday morning activity of “Balloon Pop” was a big hit as everyone took a turn at popping the balloons that Alex had fixed for the game and of course some had been filled with shave cream so this caused a lot of laughter as the cream went flying. The plastic bag dressing did help though with keeping the shaving cream off those that drew the balloons that was filled with it. After the game everyone enjoyed some delicious chocolate candy which is always a hit.

We all wish Eula Davis a “Happy Birthday” as she celebrates with a special party hosted by her family.

Thanks goes out to Marie Payton for all of the wonderful Western books she brought for our resident readers to enjoy.

In closing our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Waymon Hunt. Our thoughts will be with them in the many sad days ahead. 

Photos: 1. Waldron Nursing Center residents doing some serious “Bingo” playing.

 2. Van Hattabaugh easing up on the balloon during the activity of “Pop the Balloon”

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