The hometown of Waldron and surrounding communities in Scott, Logan, Sebastian and Polk counties have all helped to build a fuel company from the ground up with their loyalty, patronage and support the past 14 years at a business in Waldron called Alliance Propane & Petro, Inc.  

Located on Highway 71 North, Alliance has evolved into meeting the fuel needs of the area and stood the test of time.  Today, Alliance is recognized as the “one stop fuel shop” for the River Valley and a Highway 71 hot spot for the trucking industry, state fleets, agricultural producers, lake and Razorback bound travelers, and beloved local patrons.  It is proven to be a force in the state’s fuel industry and employs a total of twelve people.

As of September  1, Alliance will say goodbye to the Hunsuckers and be under new ownership.  Todd and Angela have sold the business to  Ronnie Graves of Mena, a 40-year veteran in the propane industry and a well-known and respected business owner/employer.

The Hunsuckers (Todd and Angela) are proud to make the announcement to the community that they have sold the business to another independent.  This decision was made with many factors involved: faith, employees, customers, community, business security and of course, Todd’s long-awaited and well-deserved retirement.  

“Mr. Ronnie Graves is going to make Alliance stronger.  He has plans to expand south with the petro division. This means a powerful base being built at our site in Waldron.  This growth will provide more local revenue, employment opportunities and economic strength and security. We look forward to supporting Ronnie at Alliance and providing our customers with the same hometown, hand-shak’in service with a smile we always have.” Angela explained. 

The goal is to have an extremely positive, smooth and neighborly acquisition; starting with the Alliance name and logo to remain under the new ownership.  Customers can expect to receive the same great service and support from the familiar, friendly staff at Alliance (they’ve always known).  Alliance prides itself on a friendly atmosphere and open relationships between the company and customers; and this trend will continue when the new owner takes the wheel.  It is anticipated that patrons will not even “feel” the transfer of ownership has been made; with Mr. Graves’ sincere intention to carry on with “business as usual.”

It is important to the Hunsuckers that the community knows how very grateful and humbled they are at the support and patronage shown to them during their years in business.  “We live in the best little hometown in Arkansas and it’s the people that make it the best. People here care about others and we get to see their sincere kindness and goodness everyday.  Waldron is a hometown with a true heart,” Angela said with a teary smile.

“It has been the greatest business venture of my life... and also the hardest.  But Waldron has made it a meaningful experience by choosing our products and services.  I’m just so thankful to have been a part of the local economy in Waldron and contribute to the workforce.  It has brought many wonderful people into our lives.  Friends and neighbors, we will never forget and always appreciate,” Todd said.  

It is a mix of feelings for the Hunsuckers; in leaving a little bit of themselves behind in the form of a solid operation that will carry on through the generations.  They confidently anticipate that Alliance will continue to be a shining star on the Arkansas map in the energy industry.  This is a business that prides itself on honesty, responsibility, and bringing quality products and service to the people of Waldron and surrounding areas.  And it is evident that Alliance has a very bright future under the leadership of new owner, Ronnie Graves.

Todd and Angela will still be in and around Alliance to smile, hug and shake hands with customers.  But they are very much looking forward to slower-paced days, working at their chicken farm and always, I mean ALWAYS burning that good ole reliable Alliance Propane!

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