A motion was entered in the Circuit Court of Scott County through the attorney of James Bynum for a bond reduction to $25,000 rather than the set $75,000. Shannon Foster, defense attorney, stated within the motion that Bynum was in custody of the Scott County Detention Center on “a $75,000 bond, which was increased from the prior bond amount of $25,000 after he received a new trial. He has been incarcerated for three (3) years between waiting for trial and after sentencing of his prior trial, which verdict was set aside.” Bynum was transported back to Scott County from the Arkansas Department of Correction, Wrightsville Unit in January of this year for a pre-trial hearing. Bynum has remained within the Scott County Detention Center since.

According to Foster, Bynum (who recently had his pacemaker stop working while at SCDC) did not receive any medical care for 15-20 minutes at the jail while awaiting for the arrival of a Sheriff’s deputy, “which could have been fatal.” Bynum was hospitalized and placed on an electronic monitoring system, but Foster stated within the motion “his medication was improperly administered on at least one occasion, and he is still having incidents of heart racing.”

“The Defendant took a Voice Stress Test regarding the charges last week, and passed it While not admissible at trial, this result should be considered in assessing the bond situation while the Defendant is having severe health risks and needs immediate access to a hospital if there is another episode….The Defendant is a long-term resident of Waldron, has family and his physicians in the area, and is not a flight risk,” argued Foster in the motion. 

Foster is requesting the bond reduction to $25,000 or placement of an electronic monitoring device so “he (Bynum) can receive proper health care pending his trial.”

Bynum is scheduled for pre-trial hearing on June 4 and July 2 at 9:35 a.m. Jury trial will begin on July 29 and end on July 31, 2019.

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