Students and Employees of the Waldron School District may take the following steps for filing, processing and resolving discrimination complaints, including those concerning Title VI, Section 601, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, Section 901, Educational Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Visit with the district Equity Coordinator to resolve the complaint

Acquire and submit a completed complaint form from the Superintendent’s office within 30 days of the alleged violation

Equity Coordinator notifies respondent within 5 days and asks respondent to: confirm or deny facts, indicate acceptance or rejection of student or employee’s requested action, or, outline alternatives

Respondent submits answer within 10 days to Equity Coordinator

Within 10 days after receiving respondent’s answer, Equity Coordinator refers written complaint and respondent’s answer to Principal or designee.  The Equity Coordinator also schedules a conference with grievant, respondent, and Principal, or designee

Conference is conducted

Within 10 days after conference, a written decision is issued to student or employee, respondent, and Equity Coordinator

Equity Coordinator schedules within 10 days a conference with grievant, respondent, and Superintendent

Conference conducted

Superintendent issues decision within 10 days following conference

If grievant or respondent is not satisfied with decision, they must notify Equity Coordinator within 10 days and request a conference with governing board

Equity Coordinator notifies governing board within 10 days after received request.  Equity Coordinator schedules conference with governing board to be conducted within 30 days from date of notification to board

Conference is conducted

Governing Board issues final written decision within 10 days after conference regarding validity of grievance and action taken

A section 504 student grievant may request impartial hearing where the governing board’s decision involves the identification, evaluation, or educational placement of a handicapped person in an elementary or secondary education program

This policy, along with definitions and general provisions is located in the superintendent’s office, and the media center and principal’s office on each campus.

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