Hard to say I am sorry

If you have lived through the 70s, you would have heard the song “Hard to say I am sorry” by the lengendary group, “CHICAGO”. I love that song and I would sing along every time I heard it on the radio.

But in real life, to say, “I am sorry” is so hard to many people; because we are stubburn and we like to think we are right and we don’t like to admit that it’s our fault. In the end, both ends are the losers. It hurts relationships which have been built over just because both sides refuse to say, “I am sorry” to one another. I don’t think it’s worth it at all.

One time I went to this small grocery store and I purchased a few items, and then the owner rang me up. After I paid and was about to open the door to leave, I got the feeling that something was not right. I checked the receipt and noticed that he rang up one item for $43.59 instead of $4.59. I turned around and told him what happened. He hesitated and did not look very happy about me accusing him of it. I was quite upset with him because after the mistake, he didn’t even say, “I am sorry.” I never returned to his store after the incident.

I used to be one of those stubburn people that would never say, “I am sorry” to anyone, even though I was dead wrong. At first, it was hard to do it, but as time went by, I got used to it. It would automatically come out of my mouth when I did something wrong. In fact, I feel real good when I apologize, because I show people that I have the guts to admit my faults. I save the relationship. I show my personality and good manners. In turn, I earn people’s respect and trust.

Life is too short: I have no advice for anyone, except to say that there is nothing to loose, and a lot to gain in many ways to just say, “I am sorry” to people when we do something wrong. 

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