Election Day ended in South Sebastian County with the re-election of incumbent Greenwood Mayor Doug Kinslow (pictured) for another term. Kinslow has 76.11 percent, 2,214 votes, against his challenger John Bailey who had 23.89 percent, 695 votes.

Incumbent Sharla Derry was unopposed and will serve another term at Greenwood City Clerk/Treasurer.

For the Greenwood Alderman Wd 2 Pos 1, Roger Rainwater received 59.32 percent, 1,642 votes, against challenger Lance Terry with 40.68 percent, 1,26 votes.

Greenwood Alderman Wd 3 Pos 1 has A.C. Brown with 62.5 percent and 1,458 votes against challenger Buddy Loyd with 46.59 percent, 1,272 votes.

For Greenwood City Attorney, Travis Plummer had 57.85 percent, 1,555 votes against challenger Alex Andrew Gustafson with 42.15 percent, 1,133 votes.

Louise Kirkendall was voted in as mayor of Hackett with 68.97 percent, 120 votes against Trini Harper, 31.03 percent and 54 votes.

Hartford Alderman Wd Pos 1 Hartford at Large position will be filled by Mary Radley who garnered 65.93 percent, 889 votes against Matt Disch, 34.07 percent, 46 votes.

Hartford Alderman Wd Pos 2 Hartford at large has John R. Morgan winning with 55.15 percent, 75 votes against Stephen Tisdale, 44.85 percent and 61 votes.

Richard S. Hartsfield will serve as mayor of Hartford.

Hartford Alderman Wd 3 Pos 2 Hartford at Large will be filled by William J. Woodard who had 55.97 percent, 75 voted against Arianna H. Clinton, 44.03 percent and 59 votes.

Incumbent Gary D. Lawrence has been re-elected as mayor of Huntington with 59.62 percent, 62 votes against challenger Brenton Townsend, 40.38 percent, 42 votes.

Huntington Alderman Wd 3 Pos 2 Huntington at Large will be served by Steven Stokes who had 60 percent, 57 votes against challenger Steve Ramming, 40 percent and 38 votes.

Buddy Black was unopposed for the mayor’s seat in Mansfield and will serve another term.

Mansfield Alderman Wd Pos 1 will be filled by Julie Thomas with 53.33 percent, 104 votes against challenger Dave Johnson who had 46.67 percent, 91 votes.

Mansfield Alderman Wd 2 Pos 1 has been secured by former Mansfield Police Chief Boyd Farmer with 77.32 percent, 150 votes. Challenging Farmer was Maurice Petrose who received 22.68 percent, 44 votes.

Michael Sweeten was unopposed and will serve as the mayor of Midland and Judy Thompson will serve as Midland Recorder/Treasurer.

State Representative District 52 was won by Representative Marcus Richmond, 87.16 percent, 1,018 votes against challenger John Wayne Catlett, 12.84 percent, 150 votes.

Ballot measures, Issue 4 was voted in favor with 53.31 percent, 17,927 votes and issues 1,2 and 4 each failed in Sebastian County.

In the governor’s seat, Sarah Huckabee Sanders received 66.92 percent, 22,613 votes of Sebastian County voters against challengers Chris Jones, 31.02 percent, 10,481 and Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. with 2.06 percent, 93 votes.

At time of press, voter turnout for Sebastian County was 47.97 percent with 34,015 ballots cast. There are 70,913 registered voters. A total of 90 out of 112 precincts reported at press time.

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