Local martial arts students bring home medals

Wolf Pack Martial Arts students brought home hardware during the recent Battle  of the Ozarks tournament. During the tourney, students from the Wolf Pack were able to compete in devisions from beginners to advanced, ranging in age brackets of four and up. Placement of the winners from the tourney were: Brett Morris: Sparring-Gold, Forms-Gold, Board Breaking-Silver; Adysen Self: Forms-Gold; Adrian Mederos: Sparring-Bronze; Ajay Cherry: Forms-Silver, Board Breaking-Gold; and Elijah Slaten: Medal of Achievement-Little Ninjas. According to gainer and coach Joshua Clemmer, this was the first tournament appearance for the students.  “We will attend an average of 2-3 tournaments each year. The students that attended the tournament have all been training for over a year. Our normal training goes a long way towards preparing them for competition, but we started training for this tournament specifically about a month ago.” Clemmer shared that any student who wishes to compete can enter the tournaments.

“The biggest strength seen as a team was their courage to try something new, while the biggest weakness came in the form of nerves,” Clemmer shared. “But those will improve with experience. In terms of competitors, Brett Morris was in the most competitive division. He received a lot of praise from other instructors on his technique and ability. I am proud of them all for trying something new. No other student from Wolf Pack has competed before, so they were in uncharted territory. They have paved the way for future students from our school who wish to compete one day.”

Wolf Pack Martial Arts, which opened their doors in Oct. 2017, teaches traditional Taekwondo with some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blended in the curriculum. “We focus on building character, confidence, and an overall ability to defend oneself against physical and verbal attacks. We teach students from 4 years old and up and teach seminars throughout the year such as bully proof courses and women’s self defense,” Clemmer explained.  Clemmer is a 5th degree black belt and has trained Taekwondo for 24 years. 

“The parents have been incredibly supportive of the program and have sacrificed a lot for their kids to be able to train. We have received a lot of support from the community as well, and feel very blessed to be in the Waldron community,” Clemmer concluded. If you have any questions about the program, you can Clemmer at 479-926-5384. 

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