Super Tuesday came to and end on March 3 with President Donald Trump winning the Republican GOP in Arkansas with 238,020 votes and Joseph R. Biden for the U.S. Presidential Democratic with 92,758 votes. 

For Scott County, the complete and unofficial results of the 2020 Preferential Primary Election resulted in   26 of 26 precints rporting with 1,168 ballots being cast of the 4,860 registered votes equaling a voter turnout of 33.29 percent. Of the total ballots cast, 358 were for the Democratic Party and 1,214 for the Republican Party. Ballots cast in Scott County for the U.S. Presidential Democratic  Party were six (1.68 percent) for Michael Bennet, one (.28 percent) for Julian Castro, one (.28 percent) for Joe Sestak, four (1.12 percent) for Tom Steyer,  six (1.68 percent) for Tulsi Gabbard, one (.28 percent) for John K. Delaney, five (1.40 percent) for Cory Booker, zero (zero percent) for Kamala Harris, 159 (44.41 percent) for Joseph R. Biden, four (1.12 percent) for Steve Bullock, 16 (4.47 percent) for Elizabeth Warren, 73 (20.39 percent) for Michael R. Bloomberg, three (.84 percent) for Mosie Boyd,  11 (3.07 percent) for Pete Buttigieg, 13 (3.63 percent) for Amy Klobuchar, zero (zero percent) for Marianne Williamson, 55 (15.36 percent) for Bernie Sanders and zero (zero percent)  for Andrew Yang.

With the U.S. President Republican candidates  Bill Weld received 20 votes (1.65 percent), Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente had 7 votes (.58 percent), and Donald J. Trump received 1,214 (97.78 percent), voted from Scott County.

In the race of State Representative District 21 - Marcus Richmond received 757 (76.70 percent) Scott County votes and Jim Reynolds had 230 (23.30 percent) votes. The final tally for District 21 with the two candidates was 1,978 for Richmond (51.83 percent) and 1,838 for Reynolds (48.17 percent).

Within the State House District 74 - RE race, Shawn Bates received 26 votes (11.45 prcent), Curtis J. Varnell had 30 votes (13.22 percent) and Representative Jon S. Eubanks received 171 votes (75.33 percent) in Scott County. 

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Pos 4 candidate Morgan “Chip” Welch had 604 votes (40.24 percent) and Barbara Womack Webb with 897 (59.76 percent).

Court of Appeals Associate Judge Dist. 4 Pos 02 candidate Emily White received 935 (62.29 percent) votes and Stephanie Potter Barrett had 566 (37.71percent).

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