Good Day Everyone, 

It’s a great day to be a Waldron Bulldog! 

When I decided to do a monthly report about Waldron Schools, I was a little worried that the articles might end up being to repetitious. 

However, after several months of presenting Superintendents Corners, it is becoming clear that with the outstanding school that we have, finding exciting and interesting things to present is a breeze. January was no different. 

Although we came back to a little bit of an issue with our power outage at the middle school, everything worked out great. Although we wish the problem would have never happened, it is a good exercise in seeing how a district might continue to educate students if they were displaced. 

All school districts in Arkansas are required to have a Continuity of Education Plan that states what a school would do in the event of student displacement, although few if any of them actually ever have to put into practice. Our school has had to experience this now, and we know that it can be done. 

In spite of the challenges, our district has continued to rack up awards both academically and athletically. 

Both Waldron Middle School and Waldron High School have received the Beating the Odds award for growth in Literacy from the University of Arkansas Office of Educational Policy. Our students, teachers and our community should be proud in knowing that all three building that make up our k-12 program have received state level awards. 

Elementary with the School of Innovation status and our Middle and High school receive Beating the Odds awards. 

The athletic programs at Waldron have also been shining pretty well lately. On Friday the Waldron track teams competed in the Arkansas high school indoor track and field championship at the University of Arkansas and both boys and girls brought home the 3A state championship. 

Our Basketball teams are improving each game and may just be peaking at the perfect time. Our boys program is in the hunt for a conference championship, and both girls’ and boys’ teams play very hard and are a lot of fun to watch.  

February can be a tough month in education. With the up and down temperature swings we get in Arkansas along with the additional inside time colds, flu and other illness seem to peek. 

As a school district, we prepare for this season of sickness with a number of extra precautions. In addition to continual reminders to our students to keep their hands washed, our custodians are especially vigilant about disinfecting high traffic areas. 

Keeping doorknobs and water fountains clean and disinfected multiple times a day helps cut down on the transfer of germs and viruses. 

We also use a disinfecting fogging mist at night periodically to ensure that the building is as clean and germ free as possible. Currently we are seeing an absentee rate of under 9%. This is a very low number considering the time of year.  

Parents can help tremendously with the efforts to keep our kids healthy by reminding their children to keep their hands washed frequently and to avoid rubbing their eyes or nose. 

A school nurse once told me that the absolute fastest way to infect the body with germs or viruses was by a person rubbing their eyes. 

Additionally, parents can cut down on the transfer of illness among students by being very diligent about monitoring their child’s temperature. 

Children with a temperature should be kept home until they are 24 hours fever free. 

Fever reducing medicines such as Tylenol often give a false no fever reading, which wears off when the student comes to school, so make sure that the 24 hours is fever free is with no fever reducing medicine to insure that they are well and ready to return to school safely. 

Upcoming Events: 

Sr. High District Basketball Feb. 11-16 Schedule of Bulldog games dependent on game out comes. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday February 14th  

No School February 15th, 18th  

Boys/Girls Club Banquet February 21st 6:00 p.m. at the High School Commons

AMI (Alternative Method of Instruction) day February 18th. Notes have been sent home with information about this, and it can also be accessed through out district website or social media site. 

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