Well it’s great to be back in school! Summer is winding down, and although at the time of this writing the temps have still been running in the mid 90’s, there is a great anticipation for some fall temperatures and seeing the leaves start to change. We are already into the sixth week of school and just finished our fall semester Parent/Teacher conferences. Classes are going well, and our fall sports are very active as always. 

Speaking of Parent/Teacher Conferences, one of the topics for discussion for this month’s superintendents report deals with the important role a parent or guardian plays in the lives of our students both academically and socially. My grandmother used to say that she was convinced that the good lord had found a way to speed time up without any of us knowing it. I never really understood what she meant until I was grown with a job, family and responsibilities. It seems that there are so many things that take our time that there is never enough of it. It is very easy to sometimes forget to stay current with our children regarding how they are doing in school. I have personally made the mistake when it comes to communicating with my children about school that no news must be good news. That being said, here are just a couple of tips that are effective ways to keep up to speed on your child’s education. 

Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences – There are two conferences during the year, one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. This is an opportunity to personally speak with your child’s teacher. The conversations are usually very brief, and always involve communicating about positive aspects that every individual student has. Should there be any situation that is in need of addressing, it’s usually much better for everyone if a conversation and plan can be developed face to face.  

Stay up with HAC – All parents have access to their child’s current grades using the Home Access Center (HAC) account. Parents are given a code and instructions on how to view their child’s grades. This is a very simple system for parents, with grades being updated each Friday. If you are unsure about the access code, you may call the school and they will give it to you. 

Talk to your children about their day – This is one of the simplest but often most frustrating things to do as a parent.  Often times we ask our children “What did you do today?” Most often that question will be met with the age old response “nothing.” Sometimes this repeated response causes us to just stop asking. I can assure you that your child’s day is full of activities assignments and functions, the hard part is extracting that information from them. One recommendation is to phrase your question in a manner that requires them to provide a response. Instead of asking what they did today, try asking them to tell you two things they learned today or ask them to tell you exactly what they are being taught in Science. Not only does this require a more direct response, but often times the things they are learning are things you were also taught, which can lead to more conversation.   

The beginning of the year has a lot of extracurricular activities going on, and this year’s groups are as busy as ever. We had a number of students participate in our Scott County Fair livestock showing. These students put in a lot of hard work and long hours with their animals. Waldron Schools has a very strong Agri program and Mr. Jim Wilcox, a long time Agri teacher for Waldron Schools, works very hard to teach and prepare his students with knowledge about where our food and products come from. He is preparing a great many of our students for future jobs or careers in the agricultural field. I would also like to give a big bulldog thank you to the Scott County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee for the excellent presentation. These ladies did an outstanding job of presenting to several hundred of our students on the vital role the cattle and beef production plays in our everyday lives.  

Finally, our sports teams are right in the thick of games this year. Our Football teams are competing very hard and are soon to begin conference play. Our Volleyball team has already played several games, with our Sr. High team currently sitting at 4-1 on conference play. Our Golf team is very strong this year and have not lost a match this season, and our Cross Country Team has competed very well, with several runners achieving their personal best times. 

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our campuses, or our central office. 

Thank you ,

Daniel Fielding 

Waldron Schools 

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