UA Rich Mountain Honors LPN Class of 2019 with Traditional Pinning Ceremony

In a tradition that dates back to the mid-1880’s, UA Rich Mountain held its pinning ceremony for the college’s LPN Class of 2019 on Thursday, June 27 in the Ouachita Center on campus. The time-honored pinning ceremony signifies membership in a proud and loyal society of nurses. Nurses are an important part of the global healthcare workforce.

Representing the RN Class of 2018 were: Kayla Arce, Kayla Blanton, Samantha Cole, Cristina Crawford, Ashley Fowler, Racheal Furr, Amy Hames, Kristin Henderson, Christopher Henry, Paul Hernandez, Felicia Holcomb, Alicia Jackson, Alexandrea Janes, Ariana Kelley, Jamie Laxamana, Ashton Logan, Jessica Martin, Velina Miller, Joshua Minard, Kayla Mirus, Halee Mortimore, Heidi Myersm Renee Perkins, Tiffany Singleton, Kinnley Wagner, Brittany Wilhite, Rebekah Williams, Morgan Wittwer, and Kelli Zimmer.

Charla Hollin, UA Rich Mountain’s Allied Health Division Chair, noted how sentimental the pinning ceremony is not only tradition and symbolic, it is also more intimate for the students and their friends/families, even beyond the graduation ceremonies. 

As part of the ceremony, they have a lamp lighting, inspired by Florence Nightingale, who used a lamp to light her way as she made her rounds to the sick. To the injured, her visits brought feelings of comfort and friendliness. The bright flame has come to symbolize knowledge, enlightenment, experience and hope. 

This time-honored pinning ceremony signifies membership in a proud and loyal society of nurses, who are an important part of the global healthcare workforce. 

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