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Residents are joining in with others across the nation in observing National Nurse Aide Week, June 18-24, Being recognized are Jessie Ammons, Mara Barnett, Joelene Beaty, Hali Thompson, Alex Carter, Ashley Custer, Regenia Evans, Rebekah Fisher, Emily Haga, Pamela Harvey, Megan Hubbard, Shauna Hudgens, Jaden Kirkendoll, Courtney Lawrence, Conner McDermott, Jayde Millard, Melodee Mortimore, Holly O’Neal,Sara Pleitner, Kelly Richmond, Dixie Rodriguez,Amber Scott,Mitch Seaton, Mariah Smith, Adrianna Slater, Emily Staton, Zerek Stewart,Emily Strong, Julia Taylor, Kelley Taylor, Bonnie Tompson, Karley Thompson and Heather Vongphakdy. Different events and gifts are being planned in recognition of these employees. We appreciate the care that they give to all of your loved ones.

“Congratulations” goes out to Kansas Hunt, RN Nursing Service for being elected as “employee of the month”. Along with her plaque she received $100 in cash. Kansas is also to be commended for all the hard work she is doing with our infection control guidelines during this COVID-19 period.

COVID-19 testing has been completed for all residents and staff following the Nation wide recommendations that all Nursing Home Residents and staff of all facilities be tested. We are now waiting to receive the results from the testing. “Thanks” goes to all who assisted in getting this done last week.

At the present residents are just doing their individual interest of watching television, reading, we received some new books for the book shelf, we also have lots of newspapers and magazines available for our readers, talking to family or friends by phone, Skype or Face Time. Many residents have their own cell phones so they can call and chat anytime they choose. For others we are glad to assist them with the phone or doing the face time or Skype anytime they receive a call or wish to make a call. Lots are still getting cards through the mail, this really brightens up their day. Father’s Day cards are coming in for our guys.

Thanks goes out for the jigsaw puzzles for our puzzlers.

This week while waiting for all the test results to get in we have not been doing the group events with the social distance in place, just the resident individual interest. Hopefully the small groups will be back in place using the distance requirements as soon as the test results are received.

In closing we send our sympathy out to the families of Sam Harwell and Mary Duncan. Our thoughts will be with these two families in the days ahead.

Photo: John Laster enjoying a little newspaper time.

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