Coach Brown

Just days after the end of a historic and memorable Bulldog Basketball season, Head Coach Joshua Brown turned in his resignation. Addressed to Bulldogs was the following announcement by Brown:

To the Waldron Bulldog Basketball family and fans: Today is one of the hardest days of my life. I started playing ball when I was four years old at Evan’s Boys Club and continued that love and still love this game. This “game” isn’t just a game to me but has been my life and given me so much. To every player I have ever coached, thank you! You are the reason I coached. Today, I turned in my resignation as the Boys Basketball Coach at Waldron. These past seven years have been amazing and the memories are ones I will never forget! This doesn’t mean I am closing the door on coaching because God may have something for me down the road. I will remain as the Assistant Principal at the High School.

Thank you to my wife and kids, who has let this guy chase a dream! I couldn’t do it without you! While I have had the opportunity to coach some really awesome kids, I have missed two really awesome kids at home. I love you! Robin Brown I love you so much! Thank you for supporting me every day!

To our parents and fans, thank you for making the WAC one of the best places to play in this state! Thank you for stepping up any time we needed you and taking care of our boys.

To Josh Atchley, thank you for being the best assistant a guy could ask for. We had two head coaches on the sideline and he was instrumental in our success here and will be in the future!

Thank you Bulldog Nation! Go Dogs!

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